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Post Trader Achievement, anyone?

Now, to be honest, I already have the achievement, but hey, I need to make at least 5 posts, and I figure I might as well offer help for this achievement. Actually, I'll help with any co-op achievement, or even just to play co-op to make it easier to S-Rank. I don't have all the achievements yet (I'd say 11 to go), but I've got most of the best weapons and the bandanna, and my staff in Mother Base is maxed at lvl 99 in each category. Not really looking to trade soldiers, obviously, but if you need help, just ask. The online community on this game seems practically dead, as it is. My gamertag if Muramasa Diablo. My friends list is full, so just send me a message when you want any help and I'll try and clear my list for a couple of spaces, or just invite you to a session and party chat, if need be.
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