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Originally Posted by Viper187 View Post
So what's the quickest way to do heavy weapons? Mulcher or Mortars? Which map? I kind of miss Security now. I remember on Gears 2 playing KotH a couple times on there and sitting on the mortar spawn just firing at the hill. lol
I did mulchers on Thrashball. Set the mulcher, mortar, and smoke grenade to mulchers, x number of rounds, first to 240, fill, casual, weapon respawns to after use. Then when the match starts, get the mulcher at the smoke grenade and bring it down to where the mulcher/mortar is and just kill. Whenever u are running low on ammo in that mulcher, set it down (DO NOT use it all) and pick the other up and use it until it would fill up the other mulcher (ex: if the smoke grenade mulcher has 10 bullets left, use the other one down to 190). Then, pick the first mulcher back up and then pick the other one up with it to fill its ammo. This saves u the trouble and time of having to run back up the stairs to pick the mulcher back up again.
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