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Found this thread searching for the still-possible Max Payne HD re-releases or straight-up remakes and started to read the positive comments from some about the third entry. I was a Max Payne junkie when I first touched it on Xbox in 2001. The writing appealed to my literature-obsessed (read: lonely) adolescent mind and the presentation was phenomenal. I became entranced with the Max Payne universe, desperately trying to download the theme song off of LimeWire waaaay back in the day and re-reading the blurb in the game's manual concerning it's future as a film, (which was, for the most part, a lot of suck). Max Payne and Max Payne 2 have been in my possession in one form or another since their respective release dates. I pre-ordered Max Payne 3 as soon as GameStop would allow and when I played through it, I was completely awestruck. Rockstar took a property that I cherished and really, really loved - borderline obsessed over - and made double damn sure to get it right and not release it for consumption until everything was perfect. I knew Rockstar would professionally handle this title. They don't disappoint and Max Payne 3 is Max Payne. I don't care who you are. Every finite detail is perfect and appropriate: the colors and visuals, the voice acting, the blood, the sound effects, the environments, the twists and turns and out-of-left-field revelations, the presentation of the narrative itself - and the freaking New Jersey chapters! I want Rockstar to look at the first two games and say, "We should do something with those." If I hear (or read) those words, there will be money sent to their New York branch in an envelope.

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