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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Estimated achievement difficulty: 4
Estimated time for 1000: 20-25 hours
Minimum playthroughs: 1
Missable achievements: No, you can replay any missions at any time
Glitched achievements: None; Reaper’s Understudy was fixed in the 1.1 update
Offline: 19 (190)
Online: 1 (10)
Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats
Difficulty affect achievements: No

Although, missions take place on planets, space stations, space ships, etc. I will just call them all planets for simplicity, and so does the achievement descriptions. Also, for the most part, the achievement descriptions say “mission”, but really mean “phase”, which is a part of a mission, unless noted otherwise. Some achievements do not pop until you meet the requirements and restart the game; they will pop on start up. So do not panic if you do not get one right away.

Snatched the Pebble - 10
Finish training at the Luna Academy

Story related and will unlock upon completion of the Luna Academy planet.

Sparta Schmarta - 10
Defeat 300 opposing sentients

As you play through the game you will kill enemy sentients and this should unlock well before you reach the end.

Moving Up - 10
Earn your first roster upgrade

After you complete a couple of planets, you will eventually get better sentients and this will unlock when you do.

Got Them All - 10
Own at least one of each unit type

As you play through and move on to new planets, you will eventually, and randomly, get new sentients. Sentients fall into five categories: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. There are three kinds of sentients, Tank, DPS, and Healer, making a total of 15 different kinds of sentients that can be acquired. As you go further into the game, you will be able to carry more sentients up to a maximum of 12. You do not need to have all of them at one time to get this achievement, just to have acquired all of them at some point. I received around 50 sentients through my play through, multiples of each. You will have to scrap/auction the extras, but will eventually get the last of them when playing through “The Last Stand” planet.

Through the Grinder - 10
Complete 20 missions in the Ghost Fleet

As you complete planets, missions in Ghost Fleet become available for each planet beaten (roughly), and you can play these any time after they unlock. Each mission unlocked in the Ghost Fleet has the same level of difficulty as the planet that was beaten to unlock it, and will not be any harder than any regular missions. The achievement says you need to complete 20 missions, but it really means 20 phases. There are a total of 24 phases. Before the 1.1 update, only 22 phases could be completed. The “Sweet Sound of Destruction” mission was glitched in phase 2, and it and phase 3 could not be completed. The artifact in phase 2 was missing and could not be retrieved. This coupled with endless enemies meant it could not be beaten, but it is all fixed now.

Boomstick - 10
Defeat 20 opposing sentients with a shotgun

Unequip all your sentients except for one. Equip a couple of shotguns on a Healer (make sure the weapon says it is a shotgun) and go back to an easy mission with endless enemies to get this.

Explosive! - 10
Destroy more than one enemy unit with a single attack

After beating the game, equip a legendary Tank with the most powerful rail gun you have with an Area of Effect (AoE) of 1. Go back to an easy mission with endless enemies, with only the Tank equipped with only the rail gun and try to find two sentients right next to each other. This should not be too difficult. The two sentients right next to each other should blow up with one shot to get the achievement.

Repo Man - 10
Complete 10 missions by recovering all artifacts

As you play through the game, focus on getting Repo Man. Unlike other achievements where they say missions, but mean phases, they really do mean missions here. To get Repo Man, you must collect all artifacts on phase 2 AND phase 3 during a mission to have it count (phase 1 does not matter since there are no artifacts to recover). Do this for 10 different missions. You will have to do the phases in order, all at once, and watch the story at the completion of phase 3 for it to count.

Don't Tase Me Bro - 10
Stun all opposing sentients on a level

I love the name of this achievement; hats off to developers for this one (look up the YouTube video if you did not get the reference). Equip a Healer with a weapon that has a slow effect and use it on all the enemy sentients in the level. Set your Healer to aggressive mode and put it in front so it slows enemies before your other sentients kill them. It will not count on a level with endless enemies. This is probably best to do on Phase 1 as there are only a couple of enemies in earlier missions.

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