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Achievement Guide (part 2)

Reaper's Understudy - 10
Complete 10 missions by destroying all opposition

As you play through the game, focus on getting Reaper’s Understudy. Unlike other achievements where they say missions, but mean phases, they really do mean missions here. You must beat all three phases within the mission by killing all enemies. This means not capturing the heart on phase 1 or recovering any artifacts on phase 2 or phase 3. You cannot get this on a mission where any of the phases have endless enemies since you cannot complete the phase by killing all the enemies. Reaper’s Understudy was glitched, but was fixed in the 1.1 update on January 3, 2013. To fix the problem, they adjusted the achievement so that you only have to get 8 missions rather than 10. The highest you could go previously was 80%, but now that is what you need for the achievement after the update. There are only 8 missions that count for this, some of which are in the Ghost Fleet. You will have to do the phases in order, all at once, and watch the story at the completion of phase 3 for it to count.

Moneybags - 10
Have 50,000 Credits in the bank at one time

You will earn very little money by completing missions throughout the game. Selling extra sentients you receive for scrap will also provide very little money, but it should be enough during a single play through to get 50,000 credits if you save it all. To earn money faster, see Estate Sale.

Estate Sale - 10
Sell or auction off at least 200,000 Credits of merchandise

The auction house seems to be not working somewhat frequently and may cause you to scrap some of the extra sentients you receive. However, you will want to sell the extra sentients you get through auction if you can to get Estate Sale. This one is an online achievement since you have to get online to auction/sell you sentients. Just put them up for bid for 48 hours and set the starting bid as something reasonable; I found 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000 for common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, respectively, to be about right. Selling these will easily get you Money Bags and eventually Estate Sale by the end of a play through. Also, give back to others by using your credits to purchase sentients from others when you get these achievements.

No Child Left Behind - 10
Complete a mission on the final planet with a common unit in your team

This one seems to confuse people due to semantics. The final planet is “The Last Stand”. Put a common unit (Stahlgeist, Mandragora, or Golem) in with your strong sentients (should be epic or legendary) and beat Phase 1 anywhere on The Last Stand that does not have endless enemies. The common unit may have to survive, so put it off in a corner out of the way.

Set and Served - 10
Knock back an enemy while the enemy is being knocked back towards the unit

This is tricky, but if you can get two Tanks to sandwich an enemy and hit them with your weakest melee weapons, you should get this one. You should unequip other sentients and other weapons from your Tanks to make sure they are only meleeing the enemy and knocking it back at each other. There are other ways this can occur and it seemed to happen for me when my Tank shot an enemy back into an unarmed DPS.

Speak Softly... - 10
Equip and use a legendary melee weapon

While completing “The Last Stand” planet, you should not only get legendary sentients, but also a weapon called the “Legendary Scythe” which has a level 60 requirement. Level a legendary Tank (Scylla) to level 60, and equip this sword; you may have to kill an enemy with it to get the achievement.

Life Starts at 60 - 10
Reach level 60 with a unit

Only a legendary unit can reach level 60 and you should be close (~level 56) by the time you beat the game. Start using a legendary unit as soon as you get it to start leveling it up. If you need to level, go back to an early mission, phase 3, with endless enemies, romp over enemies, and eventually complete the phase to earn tons of experience. Experience does not seem to increase much for harder missions.

Secret Achievements

On the Trail - 10
Left the Order planet to find Hyperion

Story related, see An End to All Things. This is received upon completion of the “MGS Sentience” planet.

Selfless - 10
Saved the Dominion and Order Forces on Killian's Rest;

Story related, see An End to All Things. This is received upon completion of the “Killian’s Rest” planet.

Family Reunion - 10
Discovered the relationship between Paeon, Hyperion, and yourself

Story related, see An End to All Things. This is received upon completion of the “Saroth” planet.

An End to All Things - 10
Completed the campaign

Story related. This is received upon completion of “The Last Stand” planet. The story related achievements can be slightly glitched. Sometimes when beating a mission, the story does not play, and if this happens on a mission that a story related achievement is supposed to unlock on, the achievement will not unlock. If this happens, replay the mission so you see the story and the achievement should unlock. This happened to me when I beat the last mission on Killian's Rest and did not get the story or the achievement. I had to beat the mission a second time to get the story and achievement.

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