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Originally Posted by Silicon Iceman View Post
I onyx'ed Wingman a while back and the best settings I've found for it is to set the score to 10 (duh), disable all weapons, friendly fire off, bleed-out time to 10 or 20, and hardcore bots. If you have an extra controller, sign in a guest and set the game for 2 vs. 2. You and your guest against two hardcore bots. MAKE SURE BOTH TEAMS ARE COG TEAMS. This is important because the two COG teams usually spawn close to each other making it easier for the bots to find and kill you.

Some people like to enable all boomshots, but I haven't found any consistent and/or significant time difference in doing that. When there are no weapons on the field, the bots tend to go straight to you, and not to the weapon spawn, then back to you.

You want to do Hardcore bots and not Insane bots because insane bots tend to be more survival-oriented (taking excessive cover, rolling, etc.) while hardcore bots are more goal-oriented, which means they will go straight in for the kill.

With these settings you can do a match (which has to be four rounds) in around seven and a half minutes on average, depending on the size of the map and how far apart you are from the enemy team, of course. It took me weeks to idle boost this with my Xbox on all day and night.

Good luck.

Originally Posted by Silicon Iceman View Post
Also, I think I have 35 onyx medals, but I am quitting this game right after I re-up my second time for the "Again!" achievement.

Even though I consider myself an achievement whore, I still have standards. The "Seriously" achievements in the Gears franchise is one that I looked long and hard in the face and said: "fuck that." Sometimes you just have to do it. There are way too many awesome games out there for me to be stuck with the most boring of all grind-fests (3,000 kills with the Hammerburst and pistols?!) that sometimes, you just have to say "no." This is where I draw the line.

I played Gears 1 for like over six months and checked my online kills: 2,367. Needed for "Seriously"= 10,000. Me: "fuck that"

Gears 2 came along and now all of your kills counted towards the new "Seriously 2.0" achievement. I got my hopes up, and then I checked my kills after going through the campaign dozens of times and playing online for what seemed like ages. My total kill count was just over 13,000. Needed for Seriously 2.0= 100,000. Me: "fuck that"

Now Gears 3 comes along and I've been playing it pretty regularly for the past 9 months and I am just over halfway to getting 65 onyx medals. I think you know what my answer is going to be if you tell me that I have to spend another 9 months getting the other half of the onyx medals, especially since Iíve already done the fun and/or easy ones.

Thanks mate, I'll give that a go.

The thing I hate about Seriously 3.0 is how you pretty much HAVE to boost to get it. Gears of War is the game I've always played since I've had a 360. I've played Gears 3 solid since its come out. I've Onyxed most medals by just playing the game online. But for game modes, I'm nowhere near.

I've only boosted a bit of the game modes, I'm nearly done on Warzone and Execution and TDM I'm halfway (though I've played all those games online). Wingman, CTL and KOTH will need to be boosted as there's no way I'm play 3,000 of each of them. Its ridiculous. The medal should have been just play 5,000 games overall or something. Its not skillful or being a massive Gears fan playing all game modes an insane amount of times and getting lots of kills with each weapon.

That being said, I am more eager than ever to unlock Seriously 3.0. Like I said before, I've been playing Gears of War solid since 2006. Its the game I associate myself with, the game I'm best at and the game I enjoy the most. I completed Seriously 1 and 2 very quickly because all it involved was just playing the game and EVENTUALLY it unlocking. I've been in no rush at all in getting Seriously 3.0 as I know that the majority of medals would unlock eventually. But now I'm starting to aim towards certain medals as I've pretty much unlocked everything I can by playing.

Hopefully I unlock it in 2013, although I just don't see myself getting those 3,000 wingman matches done anytime soon.

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