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Originally Posted by Dog Face View Post
You just have to keep trying. These times are reasonable. I got plat. on one track and 150th rank. The #1 guy is still 8 seconds faster than me.
As I said, I have been trying. I put in close to 30 hours play time since I bought this DLC and only ended up with half the platinums. I honestly just don't care enough to keep running the same track repeatedly for days on end hoping to maybe knock a couple milliseconds off my time.

For the vast majority of players these times are not reasonable. I'm aware there are a few tracks where the top times are 5-10 seconds below platinum, but most of them are only a couple seconds below. It just indicates that Redlynx made the platinum goals too close to what is actually possible in a perfect run.

There seems to be a new trend with developers adding incredibly hard DLC achievements to otherwise easy games; most likely in an attempt to prolong play times of DLCs that are really only 3 or 4 hours long. I've struggled to keep a lot of completions, and lost a lot of completions because of it this year.
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