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Twin Stick 10 - Tried both Hyper and Retro controls for Classic!

Start a game of Classic Frogger and select Retro controls. Play. Die. Restart and select Hyper and stick with that. Hyper is much better.

Nostalgia 10 - Got a Frog Home in Classic Frogger!

Select Classic Frogger and move upwards avoiding the cars and then navigate the river using the logs and platforms. Jump onto one of the seven lilypads for

Frogger In Love 10 - Rescued a Lady Frog in Classic!

Lady Frogs are pink and can be found on the second row of the river section (the first logs that you jump onto). Grab her and take her to a lily pad for this achievement.

Highway Crossing Frog 20 - Completed the fifth difficulty level in Classic Frogger!

Practise! This isn't nearly as bad as the original Frogger but you need to keep your wits about you. Stage 4 and 5 are where it gets tough. Wait for the gaps in traffic but be prepared to rush to the middle. NEVER use the platforms that fall under the water, it's not worth the risk. You have to learn these levels a bit but in reality this isn't that difficult. KEEP GOING AFTER LEVEL FIVE! It loops back to level one and you'll be on your way to this next achievement...

Greasy Joystick 20 - Obtained a score of over 100,000 in Classic Frogger!

Once you've got past level 5, you'll probably get this on level 6 or 7 depending on how fast you've been going and how many lady frogs and flies (the things that sit on lily pads) you've picked up.

Twin Frogs 10 - Got a Twin Frog pair Home!

This rubbish mode has you controlling two frogs at once using just one set of movements. You'll obnly have to beat stage 1 though and the achievement is yours. Just be careful and wait for gaps and logs that are the appropriate distance apart.
__________________ - 1000 points, lovely.

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