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Originally Posted by Corrupt x360a View Post
I found this also. Bit the bullet in the end and paid 18 for it. Not played it since I picked it back up yet though. It's on my to do list, near the top too though so.
oh dear - its only 8.99 to download right now - surprised its not been mentioned in here!

i have the disc - the game has been hard to find at least in the UK for more than just a few months - try a few years!

the last time i sold mine i got around 25 for it and that was in 2010 - i bought it back earlier this year from zoverstocks (music magpie sales) for 16 i think it was and thats a really good price. im half thinking of selling it and just downloading it as its not a game id ever regret owning that way. the only problem is, no manual and no map with the online, and i doubt anyone buying the physical copy will be happy with game and case only.

ill probably just stick to the disc edition - really should play it again, i originally bought bully on ps2 and never touched it. then i rented it for the Wii when it came out and i spent ages on it before returning it when the game got tough for me late on. im sure id be better at it now, but when i played on 360 i recall having a hard time with early boss fights and maybe i just wasnt used to the controls.

its a great game and anyway you get it, its money well spent. infact i just realised i have it on Wii as well which i picked up when Game went bust for 3 - a fair difference to the xbox price!
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