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Originally Posted by papacoocoo View Post
Don't u have to be Warlton 2 hear Max or is that Richtoffen?
Everybody hears Maxis, but only Samuel hears Richtofen.
Originally Posted by playmaker2197 View Post
To add to the above point. Make sure that when you have Avogadro inside the pylon in the corn field that you don't kill him right away. You must wait for Maxis to tell you to kill him. Once he tells you this is when you throw the EMP.
DO NOT wait for Maxis to say that. He takes ages and you can kill the avogadro anytime after Maxis says he needs an energy source, even if it's a living one.
Originally Posted by demi View Post
I have been trying this with two players the past week. And it is not working at all.

We have been using Galvaknuckles - is this confirmed to NOT work? Every success story I've seen has used EMP.

Maxis sometimes says at the Pylon - "The power is weak, you fucked up, go back to a previous step" - why the fuck is this dumbass saying this? We have both turbines spinning.

The game is pretty buggy on when you achieve a step. I mean why the fuck do I have to do a previous step? The only previous step is turning the power on and off. It's not like you can fuck that up.

DO NOT kill the Avogadro with the knife/galvaknuckles, it doesn't work, if you knife him, Maxis will tell you to stop, you need to kill him with an EMP grenade.

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