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1. Chopped David's leg off (no sense in just leaving him out there trapped in a bear trap...speaking of bear traps, anyone else notice at the end when Danny got stuck in the bear trap in the barn? Makes you wonder if they were responsible for the trap in the woods...most likely, huh...pretty neat how that comes full circle.)
2. Didn't shoot Jolene (tried reasoning with her. What she was saying about Clementine made me wonder what her story was/if she was her mother.)
3. Killed Larry (I fucking hated the piece of shit from the moment he entered the game. He treated you like shit from the moment you crossed paths with him and I wasn't about to take the chance of him turning into a zombie when I'm locked in a meat locker with the girl I'm supposed to be protecting. I just wish I didn't have to deal with the consequences of Lilly in my choices though.)
4. Killed both of the St. John brothers (why not? They both had it coming. Danny egged me on in the barn about not killing Jolene and he was of no use to be left alive. It's not like I was going to take his route and eat him for his meat. Psycho. Brenda then dies in the house, so there's really no point in leaving Andy alive either. Having the satisfaction of knowing they're all dead and out of our hair for good is comforting...I just wish Clementine didn't have to see it or start thinking I'm a bad guy because of it. I don't think she does, but still...)
5. Stole food from the car (why would someone just abandon their car filled with supplies and food? If they were still alive and needed it, they wouldn't have abandoned it, which is why I took it.)
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