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DW7 seems to be a mix of a regular DW game and DW Empires in one package. Def. this game...The achievements are easier also compared to DW6, one achievement on DW6, "Completist," is WAY too time consuming. Maxing every player to level 50 was nasty, takes 110+ hours I'm assuming for this one achievement. Also some of the officers are so slow, even if you have Red Hare the game takes forever to destroy. DW6 is a marathon, not a speed run unfortunately, and the game play of XXXXY-B gets boring.

In DW7 any character can be good enough to beat the game on chaos.
In DW6 the best player is Sun Shangxiang in my opinion. I beat every level on chaos difficulty fairly fast, her arrows made mince meat out of officers in no time. Lu Bu had nothing on her.

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