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Gamertag is 'Vanaman360'. I'm looking to set up a boosting party.

Message me on Live or on here (don't just post to this thread) and I'll update this post. Make sure you mention Call of Juarez and the exact names of the achievements you need so I can keep a log of who needs what and cross them off as we go.

I'm in the UK, it would help if you're within the same timezone or near it. Or at least willing to stay up late.

I'll make sure everyone who signs up is kept up to date.

Only sign up for this if you're committed, it just makes it easier for everyone when we're all dedicated to getting these bitchy online achievements


-Lucy's Lullaby
-Quicker than Hell
-Blind Killer
-Surefire Hand
-Rifle Expert
-Legend of the Wild West
-Killing Machine

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