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Originally Posted by odie601 View Post
Do Shoot Out In Vahalla, clean out the first waves and DO NOT activate the turrets. Leave one Elite alive, and let him board your ghost and then Hi-jack it back. I completed the Wheelman Mastery using only Sparton Ops. Make sure his health is full before your next try, otherwise he will die. I used the creek and parked my Ghost sideways, so I could Hi-jack faster.
I already replied and quoted this, but a buddy and I just got Wheelman Mastery in maybe a half hour without doing Hi-Jacking.

Get a buddy and go co-op on E1C1 (Land Grab). One of you get in the gunner seat of a Warthog (preferably the Gauss) and the other player drives. Drive around your gunner and let the gunner shoot and kill everything and everybody. He will rack up a max of 150 Wheelman medals - which count toward the commendation! Abandon the Marines from the get-go, because from the side seat they can steal Wheelmans from the gunner and award the driver generic/rocket/sniper kills. Rinse and repeat a few times and you'll have Aviator BOND and the commendation mastered.

They specify that Splatters only count against enemy Spartans, but for Wheelman, all you need are the applicable four medals - no matter how you get them.

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