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100% agree with Hurball. With the 2,500 games of Texas Heat achievement you're looking at 50+ hours of Texas Heat games, which are only available during certain times. And with the new four-of-a-kind achievement you have to show down (not just play) 6,000 hands on average, which will take you 100+ hours in normal conditions (maybe less if you just play 1v1 with a turbo controller). None of the achievements have any correlation to skill... i.e., an "achievement." It's all how much can you grind. I'm fine with a grindy achievement here or there, but lately that's all these guys can think to add.

It sounds like some people still like this game, and more power to you if you do. But I for one groan every time I see the achievement list has been updated. I tell everyone I know to stay away from this game - it's lousy poker, and even lousier achievements. And that makes me kind of sad - I had high hopes for this game.
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