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Like Gazelle's Gamercard
A lot of the younger generation would of had the Max Payne back-story on their radar either given that the first two came out so long ago. Therefore the game may not have appealed to them at all. I remember seeing preview screens of Max Payne way back and through delays it appeared as though it would never come. When it did I scraped to get my PC up to scratch to play it.

I don't really understand the gripe of Max's changing character (bald and old) given that there was a pretty big difference in appearance between 1 and 2. If anything. Max in 2 looks similar to Max at the beginning of 3. Given the events of 2 it's not surprising he is so messed up. It was great to see Max feel a sense of purpose again after putting those Brazilian's in their box.

Here's hoping for Max Payne 4 sooner then later. I think R* did a stellar job and would do so again. They're respectful to the roots of a game and they don't half-ass anything they do.
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