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Originally Posted by cjdavies View Post
I ain't getting it, but that is easy, if you know how to play and stun.

Tip: Fun with noobs who like to run, play Wanted use Morph and Decoy (I'm only using this at the moment to complete the challenge). Don't bother looking for your target, let them come to you, morph a crowd. You hear a whisper, or your purser goes into High Profile run Decoy, purser kills them, you stun, no Decoy hope your purser kills another NPC lookalike and stun.
A lot of times the runners will end up congregating on one or two other targets in that team gametype where you take turns hunting each other. I got into one situation where I had two of the opposing team on the ground and I just took turns stunning them... one would get up, SMACK, turn to the other guy, he would get up, SMACK, etc. Got in three to four before they finally beat me to the punch with the assassinate.

My other favorite is setting up a trip mine right next to where I'm hiding. When a runner comes across a mine, it blows up and briefly stuns him, but you can still smack him one. So I do, then run away and do it again. Not foolproof way to three in a row, but it does work.

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