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1. Chopped David's leg off - I thought there is at least a small chance that he can survive.

2. Fed Clementine, Duck, Larry, Mark - Feeding the kids is for me the most obvious. Larry, even though he was a stupid and annoying douche, is old and sick, so he could use the food very, very well. Mark looked like he would pass away any second, so I gave him his meal.

3. Didn't shoot Jolene - I tried to reason with her, so I could probably find out more about those Bandits, the dairy farmers and so on. Also, maybe the situation could be managed without unnecessary bloodshed.

4. Tried to save Larry - Even though he was an annoying and dangerous guy, I tried to save him as long as there is at least a small chance.

5. Killed Danny, but not Andy - Danny was still a threat, even though he was trapped, so I had to kill him. I left Andy for the Walkers, since he was at the end anyway, and I tried to save the group and especially Clementine and Duck from seeing more violence and bloodshed. Those events on the farm were more than enough for one day.

6. I stole the food - It's about surviving and nobody knows where the owners are, maybe they are dead, maybe not. The group needs all supplies they can get.
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