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Originally Posted by bryson 06 View Post
I am currently playing through the original Alan Wake game, but have not finished it or any of the DLC.

I was just wondering if this game had a good gripping story and if it was worth buying?

I don't like the combat of Alan Wake and have no interest in just the combat (which is all I have heard about the game). Just wondering if the story of AN advances the plot? If not, is the story strong enough to support the game like the original?

The short answer to your question is: NO.

The long answer to your question is: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

While trying not to spoil anything for you, both Alan Wake DLC and American Nightmare does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to advance the story after the ending of the original game. They are more like "side-steps" to the story that I categorize as "empty filler." American Nightmare in particular is more action-oriented (as well as The Signal) so if you don't like the combat mechanics, you will not like the American Nightmare and The Signal. The Writer DLC is more platforming-oriented, but it just exists as the second half of The Signal. At the end of both DLCs, the "story" just loops in on itself and you are right back where you started which is the very end of the original Alan Wake game.

American Nightmare takes a very vague and undefined plot device from Alan Wake and uses that to make another entirely "unrelated" side story that does not advance the primary story in the original Alan Wake in any way.

It's kind of hard to give more information without major spoilers (or at least until you've beaten the original game). After that, I can elaborate a little more and it will make much more sense.

But the bottom line is that both DLCs and American Nightmare do nothing to advance the story and are simply exercises in more gameplay.

And all of this is coming from someone who actually likes and completed everything in the Alan Wake series.

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