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Things aren't much better when we get back. Ben breaks down and let's out his secret about being the one to contribute to Katjaa and Duck's deaths. You'll have a quick opportunity to make an influential, while at the same time meaningless decision on the direction of the conversation.

Ben going off about it all being his fault. - Ben
1. Fine, tell them. - You tell Ben to confess.
2. Ben, shut up! - You tried to stop it. (This goes strongly against Kenny when he finds out.)
3. We don't have time for this. - Non-altering. Ben goes onward.
4. . . . - Non-altering. Ben will just blurt it out.

Kenny will go nuclear. You have the chance to make a personal decision here on who you want to side with later.

Kenny rages and charges at Ben to be caught be Vernon and Lee.
1. Kick his ass later! - You sided with Kenny.
2. Kenny, calm down! - You sided with Ben.
3. It was a mistake. - You sided with Ben.
4. . . . - You sided with Kenny.

After a little more beautiful dialog from Kenny you'll have to make another important personal decision regarding Ben/Kenny.

Kenny rage about the boat. - Kenny.
1. Ben was just trying to help. - Siding with Ben but non-altering.
2. Put it to a vote. - Non-altering.
3. We'll sort this out later. - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

This leaves room for the next question of whether or not he comes. There are numerous ways this plays out so bare with me and we'll try to get through them all.

If Clem is with you.
-By this point if Clem is with you and Christa has just voted against Ben, Clem will ask if she gets a vote.

Wait. Don't I get a vote? - Clem
1. No. - This is the ultimate put down to Clem and will severely strain your relationship.
2. Of course you do. - You allow Clem to speak her mind which woos the group.

With Clem's vote in, Christa retracts her's and it falls down to Lee.
[i]Note that after Clem's vote everything else is the same. So if she is not with you Christa will not retract her vote and Lee will have to go off of his own opinion.

Lee's choice. - Christa
1. Ben stays with us. - Siding with Ben and against Kenny.
2. I abstain. - Essentially like siding with Kenny.
3. We cut him loose. - Officially siding with Kenny.
4. . . . - Essentially like siding with Kenny.

No matter how you side, the party gets cut short while Brie tries to overstep her authority and gets destroyed by walkers. Everyone now makes a beeline for the armory door. Kenny leads the group downstairs to a door full of walkers. He then finds a shotgun and tosses it over to Lee. Now we're talking.

You have to walk your way back up the stairs while keeping the walkers back away from you. About half way up you will break through one of the stairs and get stuck. Now you must not only shoot walkers as they come but focus on getting your foot out of the hole. It takes four tugs to get your leg out of the hole so remember that when judging whether or not to shoot a walker coming up the stairs. Keep progressing up the stairs--this time tomahawk in hand.

When you make it to the top of the tower you'll find out why it was ringing and the walker attached to it will grab Ben. Act quickly and shoot the walker before it kills Ben. Now the decision of the episode comes into play.

Lee is holding Ben. - Lee + Ben
1. Let him go. - Ending Ben's life.
2. Pull him up. - Saving Ben's life.

Phew that was a long one. Grab your supplies and meet me in seven.

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