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Complete Episode 4: "Around Every Corner"

Once Lee makes it outside you'll have to go over and pick up Clem's hat. After picking up the hat you'll hear a radio sound coming from the street. Lee will hop the fence and you will need to walk over and examine it.

Unfortunately a walker comes out and bites Lee. You don't have much time to dwell on it though as the group comes up behind you after hearing the ruckus.

The following decision is crucial to the way the rest of the season plays out.

You must quickly choose to conceal or show your bite to the group.

Depending on what decision you make the dialog will change as well as the desire of the group to come and help you search for Clem.

Hide the Bite
Your desire to have group members join you in searching for Clem. - Group
1. I'll go alone. - Group members offer to come with you.
2. You should know I'm bitten. - Resets the conversation and throws everyone off.
3. I need help to find her. - Now almost every time you choose this Omid and Christa are immediately off the list. Even with the second question
4. . . . - Group members offer to come with you.

The question stemming off of answer three.

Christa explaining why they can't go. - Christa
1. I understand. -
2. Do whatever you have to. - Makes them feel bad but doesn't change it.
3. Are you sure? - Just solidifies them not coming.
4. . . . - Non-altering.


Showed the Bite
Your desire to have group members join you in searching for Clem. - Group
1. I'll go alone. - Group offers to come with you.
2. I don't know what to do.
3. I need help to find her.
4. . . . - Group offers to come with you.

At this point to go through each dialog sequence with each person is tremendous. I will give you a simple "What You Need to Do to Get or Forget Each Person."

-Show your bite.
-Desire to go alone.
-Be thankful.

-Show your bite.
-Desire to go alone.
-Be thankful.

Kenny (Note that even if you were the best of pals with Kenny he will still need the right sequence.)
-Show your bite.
-Desire to go alone.
-Go down the family path of dialog.

-Show your bite.
-Desire to go alone.
-Motivate and support Ben.
-Give him a second chance.

Anything else that could be seen as contrary to these answers will result in Lee losing their support in joining the search for Clem.

If you choose not to show the bite the process of getting everyone to come with you is much harder as pre-conceived boundaries are already formed and at this point most people just want to leave. If Ben and Kenny are alive at the same time this will be even harder, but remember to play to their emotions (Kenny family, Ben confidence).

With your group decided you will make your way back to the sewers and to Vernon's lair. Unfortunately nobody is there as they have all left. After a little bit of time Clem will come over the radio. You will have a chance at non-altering dialog with a strange man.

The finale to this episode is a cliffhanger response that must be carefully picked.

Strange man tells Lee to pick his next comment very carefully. - Strange Man
1. What do you want from me? - Episode 5 Surprise.
2. Please don't hurt her. - Episode 5 Surprise.
3. You're fucking DEAD. - Episode 5 Surprise.
4. . . . - Episode 5 Surprise.

Well done on completing this mammoth. I suppose we'll see you in the finale to Season 1 right? Until then.

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