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Originally Posted by Floorkiller View Post
So sharing codes for free on here isn't legal, but this is? Can you guys please keep this to PM's, and not clutter up this page with your "dealings". I want to see ppl's collections, not people solicit mule services.

360 Game Shelf #1. Yes Walking Dead is on the Floor. I literally have run out of room for the time being. Also my copy of Dungeon Siege 3 on the shelf is signed by the whole dev team. My copy of South Park Stick of Truth when it comes out will be as well. A friend of mine works at Obsidian.

Shelf #2. Regular Games, My J & K (Jap and Korean) games. Some of my over 100 CE's on the 360. Lots of doubles. If there are two, chances are one is sealed and one is open or both are sealed.

CE's. Yeah No room for anything more there.

Hell I could barely cram that little stuff in there. And yes I need to dust but I have been too lazy. And yes I did get a Scarborough Fair Replica from Bayonetta.

Yeah I kind of like LE/CE/SE/PE's. Just a little. I have doubles of some of them as well.

My two most prized games in my collection. The Tales of Vesperia CE was exclusive to Japan and it cost me a lot of money. I had to have that faceplate. Had to have it. Also the Magna Carta II CE is from Korea and not even Play-Asia Carried It. I have more pics of that in my photo album located at this link:

I call this my Lightning & Serah Corner. Aka my Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 Corner. Loved both games!

Strat Guides. As you can see to the left of the bookshelf, I am in dire need of another shelving unit. This is going to be the shittiest part of when I move.

Blu-Rays. Love movies so much.

More Blus (My TV series, 3D Movies, and Blu-Ray Steelbooks!) and the start of my PS2 games.

More PS2. Only my 360 collection exceeds my PS2 games. I even have the MGS 3 Subsistence LE.

Some of my figures. Nowhere near the amount Deek has. A lot of my figs are in boxes in storage though. The ones in the front are from Xenosaga. Mostly KOS-MOS and a T-ELOS figure as well. I told myself I would not take my Saber Lily out of the box until I have a glass case to display her in. She cost me over $200 shipped. Love the figure though, definitely my fave in the whole collection figure wise.

I went through a phase last summer where I sold off a lot of my older games. I kind of regret it now. I didn't need the money or anything, just kinda wanted less. I am working at getting most of it back.

Part 1 of my faceplates. I have a lot of the import ones from Japan. Aside from the Last Remnant one on one of my boxes that I play on and the Vesperia one, I am big fan of the Infinite Undiscovery one.

More faceplates. I do have 2 of the RE5 ones but they are in another box and I'm too lazy to dig it up.

Currently at 7 boxes. Top one is Halo 4, then my NTSC-J Box. Then the white slim, black slim. Gears 3 Slim, Resident Evil 5 Box and Final Fantasy XIII box with the Last Remnant Faceplate on it. That plate cost me a bit but I love the design of it.

If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask. Though it might clutter up the thread....

Also I do have these 2 PS3s as well as the new Super Slim: Just too lazy to take a picture:

As for stuff to play all this stuff on...

52" Sony XBR 5
40" Sony 3D TV
2 ViewSonic Monitors (Using the official MS VGA cables)
1 Samsung Monitor
1 Old ass VHS/Combo TV (good for retro SNES stuff)
*Kudos to dragonpwnr99 for the Saber Sig

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