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Another clarification on Brass Balls achievement

Alright so I was pretty confused but I decided I would post this just in case somebody else did the same as me.

I played through the game on Easy. Didn't die once, got to the final boss, did the difficulty switch and I didn't get brass balls.

Silly me I didn't know that you had to download an actual DLC, thought it came with the update when I started the game. Wondered why "Disable Vita-Chambers" option wasn't there. Anyways whenever I search for the DLC on my Xbox, nothing shows up.

What I had to do to get it was, sign in at, and download it through there. Here is a link to Bioshock and all it's DLC. . By the way, you can't find it on the website either by searching for the name, you must click on the game and go through there... Microsoft..

If you scroll down you will see "Ryan Industries Plasmids and Gene Tonics" free DLC. Press the download to Xbox 360 button and go to your active downloads on your console (I would be signed in with the xbox on, just in case). If you did everything right it should show up and when you boot Bioshock, another title update will happen.

The option should be in the options now. Load up your save on easy right before the fight, and immediately disable Vita Chambers. Do it like normal and you should get 100g - Brass Balls!
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