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Once on top of the bell tower pull the rope in the back right hand corner to initiate the next phase of the plan. Head back to the ledge where you just climbed up and proceed to have a quick unaltering dialog segment with yourself. Once you are ready press the action button to make the running jump for the ledge. While in mid air you need to quickly press on the ledge in order to make the jump otherwise you will perish.

Lee will close off the scene by hustling over to the fire escape and onward to the mansion. The scene opens back up with a walker losing his brain in front of the mansion as Lee walks by. Once Lee gets to the shed door he will notice a shovel across the doors and the ol' crew inside the shed without the boat. After some quick dialog about the events Lee's gone through Christa will ask how Lee is feeling.

That's great, that you can be tough about it, but how do you FEEL? - Christa
1. It's definitely having an impact. - Christa will remember that.
2. I'm fine, it's no big deal. - Christa doubts that.
3. It comes in waves. - Christa takes notice.
4. . . . - Christa notices your silence.

Following your answer Christa will ask Omid to go around and open up the shed leaving Lee, Kenny, and Christa (and Benny if you have him still) to discuss future plans. You will have a non-altering dialog segment about what to do after you find Clem which will result in Omid opening up the shed and getting everyone in the yard. Christa will once again spur discussion--this time about what to do after you find Clem.

What do you think Lee, what do we do now, without a boat? - Christa
1. Find a small town. - Christa is unsure about this option.
2. Get to the countryside. - Christa and Omid like this idea.
3. Get another. - Christa disagrees.
4. . . . - Non-altering the conversation diverges to Kenny vs. Omid/Christa.

Sadly the conversation gets cut short by a horde of walkers heading to the yard. Everyone makes a beeline inside the house. I'm calling the next series of events a panic event so we can get our blood pressure up a bit. Note that I'll inform you when things need to be done quickly.

Panic Event
Once you get in the house you'll need to dish out orders to get the group in an efficient place.

Christa is first. Must answer fast.
1. Front room windows! - She will take care of the front room windows.
2. Upstairs. - She will go upstairs to fortify.
3. Weapons! - She will search / do inventory on weapons.
4. . . . - It will randomly pick one for her.

Next up is Kenny. Must answer fast.
1. Help Christa! - Kenny will assist Christa in whatever you assigned her.
2. Upstairs. - Kenny will begin preparations for upstairs.
3. Move furniture. - Kenny will begin to barricade the house.
4. . . . - It will randomly assign Kenny something.

Following Kenny is Ben. Must answer fast.
1. Go upstairs! - Ben will take care of the preparations upstairs.
2. Kill anything that gets in! - Essentially this is Ben as a lookout. Serious waste of a person.
3. Help Christa! - Ben will assist Christa in whatever she was tasked with.
4. . . . - Ben will randomly be assigned something.

By the time you get to Omid you'll have a big problem on your hands. The front door is wide open. He will rush to close it and you must again act very quickly with the next answer.

1. EVERYONE HELP OMID! - The group will come to the aid of Lee and Omid in securing the door.
2. GO!!! - Non-altering, Omid asks for help.
3. FRONT DOORS! - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering. Omid has to call out for help.

Before Lee is able to assist the group he is grabbed by a walker through the doggy door. You will need to bash the walker's hand with the doggy door 4 times with the button. Once you've severed the hand from the walker you will need to run to the aid of the group at the door. They will advise you to chop off the hands, but in order to do that you need a knife of some sorts. You'll be redirected to the kitchen.

Once you have control go for the draw right below the counter on the right hand side. It's a small slim draw. Inside you'll find a nice meat cleaver. Cleaver in hand you'll need to sever 4 more hands/arms in order to secure the front door. Once you've taken care of the front door it's time to address the bigger problem at hand. Ben will ask "Now what?" and will give Lee a chance for some non-altering dialog until the house begins to fail to protect them. Lee will order the group upstairs after you get a quick chance to knock your cleaver into a walker's head.

The following sequence is all timed so be mindful to move quickly.
Once upstairs you'll need to go over and help Kenny move the enormous desk into the hallway. This sequence will be some button smashing of the correct button in order to move it.

At the end of the hallway the group will begin to prepare for a final stand. You'll need to aim and shoot your bullets, and once everyone is out of ammo the panic will start. Look up at the attic door and open the hatch.

Panic Event Over.

Once everyone is up we can take a slight sigh of relief and regroup--clearly something we didn't play on doing, for the next chapter. See you in Chapter 3.

Lee with group and Lee alone now merge as the same thing.

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