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And here we go...

When Lee comes to he will have a quick non-altering dialog segment to share with Clem which will devolve into getting out of the garage. Lee will assist Clem in trying to open the door in a button smashing sequence that will only end in failure.

After the failed attempt Lee will break the bad news to Clem about the bite. Lee will naturally be upset providing Lee with the opportunity to say one of the most important non-altering dialog segments of the season. Clem will comment on a way out being in the back and Lee will struggle to get back there. This is it folks, Lee's falling apart on us and his eyes didn't look all that good either. In order to progress you need to press up on the .

About half way Lee will slip up a bit which will open up another non-altering dialog between Clem and Lee. After the dialog progress forward again and once he gets to the end he'll dash forward and land next to a radiator. From this position Clem will encourage you to get up and you have to button smash in order to do so. No matter how valiant you are, this is Lee's final spot. Clem encourages Lee to try again--an effort which again results in failure. He is unable to get up.

Lee and Clem will have a non-altering dialog segment which will result in Lee trying to help Clem get out. After attempting to open the door, Clem will need to find something to break the glass window has her hand simply won't work. If you look all the way to Lee's left (Clem's right) there is a baseball bat lying in the shelving. Have her go over and grab it. She'll come back and you will need to direct her to break the glass. In order for her to get to the knob on the other side she will need a boost. Have her move the chair to the right of the door for easier access.

After she moves the chair and unlocks the door have her open it up. Upon quick examination the two of you will notice that the walker is trapped and cannot move. Have Clem go over and grab the handcuffs as well. When she brings them back click on Lee to have Clem attach the handcuffs on both Lee and the radiator. After she handcuffs Lee you will need to inform her which item she should go for first. Ultimately it doesn't matter as the story progresses the same way no matter what.

When she goes for an item it will turn into a cut-scene panic event. The walker will break free and will grab onto Clem who will crawl back through the doorway. When she gets through she will knock over the vase/glass item on top of that stand. It will temporarly daze Lee, but you must not waver. You will need to click on the baseball bat twice in order to kick it over to Clem who is trying to fend off the walker. She will take the bat and show that girls can play baseball too. After she bashes his brains out Lee will get some final words--words that will carry with Clem.

I did it. I got him. - Clem
1. You can take care of yourself. - Clem will remember that but will be worried about Lee.
2. Great, Clem. - Non-altering response.
3. Come here. - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Clem will remember your silence and be scared.

Clem will then walk over and grab the gun and keys. After some emotional non-altering dialog the big question arises:

To kill or not to kill............Lee - Clem + Lee
1. Leave me. - Clem will leave Clem instead of killing him.
2. You have to shoot me. - Clem will shoot Lee.

Lee will have one more chance to give Clem her last advise before either she leaves or she kills Lee:

Okay, Lee... I can do it. I can. - Clem
1. Find a group. - Clem will remember that and be confused.
2. Find Omid and Christa. - Clem will remember that and be grateful.
3. Don't trust anybody. - Clem will remember that and be scared.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

And one more follow up dialog segment:

And Clem.... - Lee
1. Keep that hair short. - Clem will remember that and promises to do it.
2. Always keep moving. - Clem will remember,
3. Stay away from cities. - Clem will remember that and promises to stay away from cities.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

With one more shot of non-altering dialog if you chose to kill Lee, Clem will raise the gun and fire.

If you chose to have Clem simply go there will be a little extra non-altering dialog and a much sadder image of Lee in your mind.

Well we did it ladies and gents. That's all she wrote. One final note is that I recommend you wait through the credits and watch the scene at the end. That's all I'm going to say on it, watch it and join me again for our journey through Season 2.

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