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Originally Posted by Exu View Post
Huh? Well that's interesting and conflicts with what I'd already heard...

Any other fixes you've noticed? For example, Lunatix++ required two runs to unlock for me and then consumes 2 willpower instead of 1.
I just wanted to clarify, since I'm one of the unfortunate people that downloaded the 1.2 update. The glitch is fixed - however, the first time you clear World 5, you will still receive the 15 jewels for clearing it, since it never saved your status for completing it previously.

As for Lunatix ++ and Angriff Adler ++, I ran into the issue with Angriff Adler not unlocking after receiving an S rank in the stage before the update, but never received an S rank to unlock Lunatix. I can confirm that Lunatix unlocked with my first S rank on the stage after the update. I've not used it yet to confirm how much willpower it uses now.

The math I've used in an email to Grounding concerning the lack of jewels was just a quick estimate, but here's what I found:

Estimates included 90,000,000m (90,000 km), 9000 minutes (150 hours) if unlocking a jewel per stage at 3 minutes/stage (not including loading times), or $37.50 USD in Microsoft Points. This is for earning 3000 jewels, with an estimate of the other 1000 coming from stage completions (which I'm aware if off, but wanted a round number).
Unlocking a jewel per stage is not reasonable, though I've not yet used the Action Skill to raise the item chance along with the Sub Skill that raises the rare item chance, but it's more like 15 stages/jewel.
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