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Originally Posted by AKfoy0face View Post
im almost positive the sweat bomb mission was something to do with battletoads
No, the whole segment was a reference to Splosion man and Ms Splosion man. If there was some kind of Battletoads reference layered into it (which would absolutely not surprise me), I missed it.

There's a lot of references here, some are subtle, some are not so subtle. Essentially everything shown on the screen is a reference, and some things are two references layered together. For example, the Oeki Doki Picnic Zone (Doki Doki Panic! was a japanese game that was reskinned and released in the US as Super Mario Brothers 2) contains graphics from Mario games and Sonic games. You'll also find both Sonic and Mario running around in there (in the form of pedestrians with a sonic-spikes haircut and a mario hat respectively).

Some of the funnier ones that I haven't seen anyone mentioning anywhere are:

* Duke Nukem Forever (billboard with a Duke-like face on it with the text "Did Not Finish?" and a phone number for a GED service, in the DNF font)

* Gerald from Hey Arnold! walking around

* One of the underwater levels is lifted straight from the NES TMNT game.

* The sound made when you die is the same one from when you die in the Megaman games.

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