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Smile Fast & easy gold (up to 50k/15-20 min) for Gold Finger/Dungeon Master)

Hi everyone!

Because Hunted lacks a search button, I couldn't find most of the maps online. The ones I could find took way to long (40 minutes for 15k etc.).

So I made 2 maps that are still fresh and easy to be found (otherwise you could scroll down for a detailed map explanation).

These maps will get you about 30-35k in 15-20 minutes and 50-55k in 15-20 minutes respectively.

You can get these maps via Crucible -> Browser Maps -> (tab) Recently published (as for now) -> Rowin268 -> Choose one of these maps:
IMPORTANT!!! You need an Xbox Live Gold account to access online maps.

Golden Fast Black (30-35k)
This one is easier then Golden Fast White but won't get you as much of gold as Golden Fast White. You may want to use a weaker attack here to save mana.

Golden Fast White (50-55k)
This one is more difficult and will make you heal your buddy a few times. However this will get you more gold per play.

Manually creating these maps:

Please note that some parts require a very high tier. Therefore I recommed using the best parts that you currently have.

- Map: The Smithy or Dyfed Inn (as these are pretty small).
- Pick up slot 1: Regen Vial.
- Pick up slot 2: Mana bottle.
- Surge 1 Enemy Type A/B/C: Dark Tribe -> Dark Blastcaster and set the counter at 25 (these will unlock on tier 28! Please use Overland Blastcaster if you haven't unlocked the dark version. If you also don't have the Overland Blastcaster, then use any other Blastcaster that is available)
- Surge 2 Enemy Type A/B/C: Skeleton -> Skeleton Soldier and set the counter at 3 (little break for healing and mana search).
- Surge 3 Enemy Type A/B/C: Dark Tribe -> Dark Blastcaster and set the counter at 25 (see note from Surge 1).
- Mod Slot 1: Punishment of Limitation -> No Secondary Mode (if available | no punishment as you should use your bow).
- Mod Slot 2: Punishment of Time -> On (if available | no punsihment as you get alot of time).
- Mod Slot 3: Punishment of Bounds -> On (if available).
- Mod Slot 4: Punishment of Vulnerability -> On (if available).
- Loadout: Annuvin Loadout (or the highest loadout available, the Annuvin loadout unlocks at tier 30).

Save and play!

Good luck

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