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*Knock out an enemy after stunning them with dusk moths
You will get the dusk moths very early in this level, and they will be bound to and can be used like any other ranged weapon in the game to blind an enemy, allowing you to very easily go up to them and tap to take them down.
*Arm two of the fortress traps without being seen
Once you enter the fortress you will have an introduction on the three levers that you can pull to activate traps (that really only affect you, so.. it's really just to add difficulty to the level). The left-most puts spikes in all crawl spaces, the top destroys all grapple points, and the right one makes all vase hiding places blow up. Pick the ones that you need the least, and sneak between them (I chose the left and right ones, the right one is especially easy to get to)
*Use a suspended block trap to terrify a bandit
After the checkpoint before reentering the building (shortly after getting the moths) you'll come to an open room with some patrolling guards and a lever that activates a quick-dropping block trap. The trick here is, to get someone beneath the block trap and drop it on them (either alive or dead), then drawing one of the other enemies near and dropping the trap when they are close to it so they spot the corpse and freak out. Generally, using the guy that patrols directly underneath the trap is the easiest to use as bait, and the shield guy in the bottom right of the area is good to terrify.

The game also has three scrolls which can be found in each level, some of which require the completion of a puzzle hidden within the level.
An alternate guide (with video) can be found here
Finding all of the scrolls in the game will give you the Haiku achievement

Level 1
-Immediately after receiving the grappling hook, use it () on the ledge above you and the one above that and move into the vent to the top left of you on the screen. Continue to the top left of that room to find the first scroll.
-Proceed through the level until you enter a large room where you can shoot a big light off the ceiling with your dart ( +) to make it fall on two guards. Once they're dead, head left from where they were and enter a doorway, climb to the top part of the room to find the scroll
-The game sort of leads you to this one. Shortly after the previous scroll you'll be told to "lean against the door to sense what's on the other side", and you'll see a guard walking back and forth between two ceiling lights. Take him out (you can access a vent from the roof) and grab the scroll from the far side of the room.

Level 2
! - Progress through the level until you reach an area with a vertical laser in front of you blocking the way and two horizontal lasers under the ground in front of you with a gap that you must jump. On the other side is a lone guard with a grapple point above him. Take the grapple point and follow the path to a giant gong, hit the gong for a special puzzle you need to complete for the scroll. A little hint, there is a box on the level right above where you enter the challenge. Hold to move it.
-Proceed back outside and a ways farther into the level until you are almost at the big circle/x on the map. Once that circle/x is right above you, head left and take out the guard, and continue left until you reach a dead end where you'll find the scroll.
-Again, as you near the large circle/x at the top of the building you will be near a scroll. Instead of continue through the vent up to the roof, head into the vent to the left of it and continue to the left to find the scroll at a dead end in the vent (it's a T-shaped vent on the map).

Level 3
- Immediately after learning how to lockpick head inside, take out or avoid the guard on the stairs and head into the door on the right at the top of the stairs. Stop at the next door and look through it to see a red laser alarm moving up and down the far wall. Pick the lock and time your opening of the door with the laser, sprint into the room to grab the Scroll, then back out and close the door behind you to avoid the alarm.
! - Once you reach your first shielded soldier, look to the platform on the opposite side of the building he is next to and you'll see another guy walking around. From there, head under the platform and to the bottom right of that area to find a vent. Follow the vent to another gong, and challenge. For this one, you want to make your way around the outer wall of the area, avoiding the lasers, and pulling 2 of the 3 levers (not switches) in the room to open the left side of the inner area of the room to allow you to access the scroll.
-After getting the tracker you'll reach an elevator shaft. Move the elevator and then climb to the top of the shaft and exit through the vent on the right to enter a room with 4 moving lasers. Drop into the vent in the center of the room, move through the vent and enter the room with the scroll and two lasers. Toss a smoke to make it safe to drop down and get it.

Level 4
-Once you get to the motion sensor over the staircase with 2 guards on it, go out onto the walkway where the guards were and drop down to the bottom floor to find the scroll just below where they were standing.
-When you have to open the gas vents, open up your map with to check out the location of the bottom left most vent on your map. Make your way there and once you're in the first part of the room, head into the vent in the ceiling for the scroll.
! -Open the map back up again, and now head to the top right vent room. Once you're in that room (it's a big room with a chandelier in the middle), head to the right and into the vent leading to this gong for another challenge. Use your grappling hook to navigate through the lasers, to the appropriate buttons to shut the lasers down and allow you to continue to the top of the room where the scroll will be.

Level 5
! - Continue through the level until you have to go up and to the left, passed a shielded soldier. Stop there, and instead go to the bottom right corner of the room and into the vent for another challenge. Jump across the gap you start in front of and grab the big box in front of you with . You'll need to maneuver this through the lasers and switches, and weigh down each of the scales that controls the doors in order to progress to the scroll.
-Once you reach the elevator shaft leading to Karajan's office, continue into the next room and move up to the top of this room. Go to the far left end of the top portion of the room and you'll see the scroll in the path of a moving laser. Perch on the grappling point about the scroll and hold to slide down to the scroll, grab it and quickly slide back up the chain.
-As you chase after Karajan, you'll come to a room with two guards watching the inside of the door and a vent leading from the opposite side of the door, to right behind them. There is also a shielded guy in the top part of this area. Eliminate the enemies, and then head into the vents above this room to see two lasers, two vases and the scroll between the vases.

Level 6
–Once you get out of the castle you'll be near a huge tree. Use the tree to get up onto the castle's roof, then backtrack to the left a bit, hop down the hole to reach the castles attic where you'll find the scroll.
–Head back to the tree and continue along for a few seconds until you're on a staircase that you can drop underneath. Drop down a few more times until you see lasers on your right and a box on your left. Use the box to blow the lasers, then proceed into the next room and jump up above the nearby light to find the scroll.
!– Once you enter the Catacombs you'll need to move a box to progress. Instead of using the box to continue into the level, enter the vent the box was blocking to reach a gong.

Level 7
-Continue until you have to move a coffin to progress. Instead of going in the hole under the first coffin, continue to the right and move the second coffin to reveal a small alcove with the scroll in it.
! - In the elevator box riding sequence jump off to the left once you hit the top of the elevator shaft, take out the guy there and head into the vent for the next challenge. This whole challenge is similar to what you've been doing in the level, be sure to grab onto the box and keep it between you and the lasers.
-The third one can be found after some more laser box action. Once you reach the circle/x head to the left first and jump across the destructable grappling hook points, hop over to a box and take out the gas mask guy who is protecting the scroll.

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