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Level 8
! -Progress until you reach the place where you can swap out your techniques, and continue right, head into the vent and start the challenge. This challenge is rather silly, because you need to drag and throw corpses around the room to block off lasers and weigh down a switch. Make sure you throw as many bodies as you can down to the bottom floor when you get there so you can basically carpet it and the lasers will all turn off on the bottom level. Also, you can throw a body through the electrified wall at the end.
-From the store, backtrack a bit and take the vent that leads S/SE. take out the guards and the elites and head into the room in the bottom left for this scroll.
-After either sabotaging the helicopter or killing the pilot, the door on the left side of the map will open up so you can finish the level. Head in that direction until you see a guard. Take out the guard and drop below the bridge he was walking on and head left to find the scroll.

Level 9
-You'll see this as you come into the building, in a room above you. Circle left and up into the vents, move the box so you can enter the vents nearer the scroll. Head right, outside and down into a little alcove with the fuse box. Destroy/ shut off the fuse box and backtrack through the vents, grab the key as well while you're here. Once you're back to where you first saw the key, head right this time and up into the vents to grab the scroll.
!- As you climb out of the previous building, the path will start to go left, with a switch next to the door you need to open to proceed. Instead of going that way, go into the vent on your upper right for another challenge.
-Located in the top left corner of the map. When you're outside, head all the way left and then climb up the side of the building until you can't climb anymore and that's when you'll reach the scroll.

Level 10
- Rather soon after beginning the level you'll come to a building (just as the sandstorm starts) that has the entire first floor covered in explosives and the 2nd floor is an open balcony that leads to a grand staircase. On the right side of this building is breakable flooring that you can fall through down into the basement. In the basement you'll find some more bombs, tripwire traps and the Scroll.
! - After talking to the prisoner about his tools and stuff, head into the next building and go down into the basement, which has tripwires attached to boulders and some more bombs. Clear the basement out and continue heading left to find the challenge and scroll.
-In the rightmost 1/3 of this map, while above ground in the sandstorm, you'll come over a thin ceiling leading to a little underground bunker with two guards directly below and two sleeping dogs to the right of them. You may need some luck from this, but in general you want to hit the bell to the left of you (probably hit it twice) and move to either side of the thin floor so they don't spot you. As soon as both guards are facing away from you, immediately drop down and stealth kill both. The scroll is to the left in a slightly hidden tunnel

Level 11
-As you jump to the building with the stalkers in the beginning of the level, you will see the Scroll on the interior side of the wall you are facing. Enter the building and hide in the vases to avoid the stalkers, or just take them out and move up the staircase. The scroll is on a ledge over the staircases.
!-As you exit the tunnels and proceed to the next building, stop and head into the small tunnel next to the one you just came from (there is a tall sort of gazebo above the entrance) to find a new challenge. Use your new ninja technique to make it safely through the challenge.
-As you exit the tunnel with the scroll challenge in it, head immediately into the next tunnel you come across as you make your way to the next building. Watch out for the stalkers, and make your way up to the top ledge of the area they are patrolling to find the scroll in a dead end on that ledge.

Level 12
!- SECOND TRAIN TUNNEL!! A dangerous, nearly impassable tunnel should be a dead give away, but if you happen to go left in the second train tunnel (where you climb on the ceiling), it's very hard/impossible to backtrack to this. Instead, head to the right and move over to the grappling hook point above the block that disappears when it has light on it. Guess where the light comes from - the train. Once you're on the ceiling above the block, wait for the train and as soon as the block even slightly vanishes, drop down and climb into the floor vent (just falling onto the floor won't work, fall and press ). For the challenge, break the light in the middle of the room with a dart, spin the wheel in the middle, shine the light on the top right door-blocking block, go pull the bottom right lever, spin the center wheel so the light is on the top left box, then pull the bottom left switch. Move the center light to either of the big masks on the wall to reach and destroy both generators. Climb up either wall facing the center of the room and use Mark of Serenity to jump across to the inner side of the box on the opposite side of the room, then grapple up to the scroll. (Congrats on getting "Of the Mind!")
-As you're entering the next set of tunnels (the alternate path to the building full of stalkers) there will be a shield guard to the top right of you, blocking your progress. From here, look to your right on the staircase to find a vent for you to enter and grab the flag.
-After you head back, and finish leaving the tunnel, instead of progressing to the right, head to the left to the building full of Stalkers. Climbing up the right side is a bit safer, but be aware that stalkers patrol each floor. The scroll is in the vent at the very top of the building.

- Shortly after entering the trap-filled tunnels the path will split (top and bottom) and then you'll be at a spot where you can drop through the floor. Grapple down to your bottom right, then straight left to avoid the spikes and grab the scroll from a small alcove down there.
-In the building just before the conservatory, head to the top floor that is full of explosives and has a guillotine blade trap at the left entrance. Either navigate the explosives from the right, or come in from the bottom to get the scroll.
-At the base of the conservatory there is a rather large rectangular room below the building where you can drop through the floor to find the scroll.

The final collectible is more straightforward, only requiring you to purchase all possible upgrades using the Honor you acquire from collecting Seals and completing levels. This will give you the Marked achievement.

Techniques - Honor Cost
Hangman's Hymn - 6
Emperor's Abyss - 6
Twilight Gate - 6
Bat's Prey - 6
A Brief Shadow - 6
Bloody Whisper - 5
Rising Snake - 3
Slide Kick - 3
Superior Lockpicks - 3
Grim Harbinger - 3
Softened Cloth Tabi - 3
Parachute Cloth - 3
Armored Sleeves - 3
Reinforced Cloth - 3

Distraction Items - Honor Cost
Noise Maker upgrade -5
Smoke Bomb upgrade - 3
Destraction Flare - 3, Upgrade - 5
Cardboard Box - 5, Upgrade - 5

Attack Items - Honor Cost
Spike Mine upgrade - 5
Hisomu Terror Dart - 4, Upgrade - 5
Caltrops - 4
Ravenous Insects - 4

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