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Originally Posted by KellyNUTS View Post
Heres a tip im hoping will help you and anyone else in the same boat!

When u get to a trigger point and have to press or u have to make sure when u press it the screen vibrates and u will see big white/transparent JP writing in the background, this indicates u pressed the trigger! Sometimes when an achievement pops up when u have to enter a trigger the trigger wont indicate so u miss it out.

Also make sure after every playthru u unlock a new "clear ending", which will be a new picture in the "Clear" section of "Extras". I checked everytime and twice a new picture didnt show up so I knew that I did something wrong with that playthru!!

Heres what I did on playthru 8:
01 Played it exactly like above.
02 After 7th trigger has quick saved, go into in game options with
03 Go into "Quickload" and highlight your newest save.
04 Press on new save and it will turn green.
05 Press to exit out, select the left option both times.
06 Keep playing like normal.
07 After 12th trigger has autosaved, go back into options with
08 Press on the 5 trigger saves after the green one.
09 Now quick saves for triggers 7-12 should be highlighted green.
10 Press to exit out, select the left option both times.
11 Keep playing like normal & complete the game.
12 From title screen go into "quickload"
13 Select the 1st green quicksave(trigger 7).
14 Select the left option
15 Now press on trigger seven.
16 Hold down till cheev pops and u get to the next trigger point
17 Let it quicksave(although probably not needed, but doesnt matter)
18 Exit out into the main menu.
19 Repeat steps 13-18 for each next green quicksave
20 Work in the proper order
21 When u get to do the last one(12th trigger quickload) press when u should and then keep playing and complete the rest of the game!
More achievements & a gamerpicture will unlock along the way!!!
One thing I would suggest adding to this post would be to take a picture of with all 5 saves in green before you start doing it as when I backed out it created another save which pushed one of the green saves back a page and it confused me as I didn't realize it did that until I already messed up.

You don't have to do it in order as I didn't and still got 100% on this game.

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