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After completing this game...

No, not all Signature weapons are the "best".

My loadout for the entire game was:

Recurve Bow
Bull Shotgun
Signature Sniper Rifle (whatever the hell it was called...)

I ran a mostly CQC game. My knife saw more kills than all those weapons combined. The flamethrower was good if a group was chasing me. The Recurve was good for stealth kills when I absolutely had to make a kill to make an outpost taking possible with all stealth. The shotgun was good for killing animals and other shotgunners. The Sniper Rifle... Well, it was great for long distance kills. I'd hide in a bush and shoot someone, then move. I didn't need a silencer on it, I'd just move and evade. A bad sniper is one who stays in the same spot so he can be found. Good snipers move from place to place.

Though, I do question the whole "put a scope on the shotgun". Does it REALLY need one? I mean, it's not firing SLUGS... This seems unnecessary and stupid. Surely they could've put something ELSE on the gun.

"It's worth remembering that all reviews are subjective personal opinions and if you personally enjoy the game, then they shouldn't get to you. Unless there's a dispicable nagging little doubt in the back of your mind that maybe you're not having as much fun as you've convinced yourself you're having. And won't go away no matter how many times you try to slap it away with weak excuses."
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