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Originally Posted by JONBLEACH View Post
I am now on the 2nd island and have unlocked some of the new guns.
I was wondering what guns i should be using.

Right now i have the silenced M700 sniper for taking out people silently in the outposts, trying to get more exp by doing them undetected.

Then i have "The Bull" for the dmg.

The AMR for taking out heavies with no problem, chest, head whatever.

Last slot i was using the AK47 just because ammo wasnt a prob because all the pirates used it. Now i switched to the ASSLT rifle that the private guys use.

Are there any more powerful guns i should use instead of the BULL and a better asslt rifle?
I really liked the Bushmaster AR. Don't worry about ammo though. Assault rifle ammo is assault rifle ammo. It's not sererate like AK47 ammo, Bushmaster ammo etc. It's all the same.

Use whatever works for you. A couple people here and those I know love the bow. But, I didn't like it at all so I got the achievement and never used it again. All personal preference.
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