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Master Of Time 10
Completed a time travel level.

This will be your 1st achievement that you unlock naturally after playing a few stages for the first time.

Any stage that has a ticking clock at the upper-right side on the screen is a time travel stage. As time passes, ghost versions that follow the exact steps you previosly took will spawn and if they touch you then you will die.
These levels usually require backtracking and avoidance to hit all switches and collect all green gems in a timely manner.

Shmu Herder 10
Completed a level containing Shmu.

This one you will unlock in regular play. This first chance you may get is is by completing the level called "The Shmu" which you unlock fairly early into the Dungeon. There are tons of stages in which you will have to use Shmu to break safes that contain green gems. Shmu are small pebble-like creatures that stick and roll around every surface they touch. You must lead them to their cages with green gems inside of them.

To move a smhu around simply walk up to it to move it up and down. Running toward and jumping may also cause them to bounce left or right. They stick to surfaces so just allow them to roll to their destination if you have to.

Ninja 10
Completed "In One Way..." in less than 16 seconds.

This unlocks when you complete the "In One Way" stage in under 16 seconds. This stage can be found in the Dungeon Area. Just collect the 2 green gems to the right by jumping with and complete the rest as quickly as possible, avoiding the enemies along the way. Below is a video of it being done along with the other 2 etcetera achievements.

Face The Fear 10
Completed "Spike Dodging" without using the teleporter.

The stage for this achievement can be found in the Graveyard area. This one is fairly tricky as you need to avoid pressing which uses your teleporter. Make your way up and dodge the rolling enemies and collect all the gems. The video below shows you how.

Abridged 10
Completed "Extending Platform" without using the rope.

You have to complete the "Extending Platform" stage in the Gallery area without ever using a rope. Make your way to the left and jump off of the gray platform enough to collect the gems in the upper left corner. You have to time it and move just right in order to reach them gems. Rest of the stage is easy without the rope and doesn't require it at all. You can collect them rest of through normal means. See the video below for more info.

Castle Reclaimed 20
Defeated the guardian of the clocktower.

After clearing enough levels in the Clocktower area you will then be able to play the "Chucks Away" level on the right side of the Clocktower Area. It will be the bigger door with a "B" on it. The guardian can be found there which is simply a boss fight.

Robot Chickens Boss
The boss is actually two Robotic chicken who you must defeat by moving around the arrow hands on the clock so that the falling bombs bounce off of them and explode onto each chicken.
Use your rope and wrap them around both cogs to turn the arrow hands until the bombs bounce into the chickens. After you get enough hits they will drop green jems. Collect them to complete the stage. There will be a comic book cut-scene afterward and then you will have beaten the entire game.

Dungeon Perfectionist 20
Completed all of the dungeon levels.

There are 21 stages total in the Dungeon area. It is the first place you start out in and will have some of the easiest puzzles in the game. A main tip here are the stages where you press to rotate. Remember that whichever way you're facing is the direction you will turn.

Tips for all Levels
  • Pay attention to the name of the stage as it can give you idea as to what you need to do to clear it. Example will be "Shove off" stage at the graveyard that requires you to push the gems off a ledge by controlling a box.
  • Each stage gives you a small note before you start that will give you a hint as to what you need to do.
  • For Time Travel stages, backtrack your steps so that you know where your ghosts will be and find places to avoid getting hit by them.
  • Levels that use ropes sometimes require you to cut them with spikes. You will need to do this for a Co-op stage too.

Boiler Room Perfectionist 20
Completed all of the boiler room levels.

The Boiler room area is the first area you will unlock after you obtain enough keys. There are 22 stages there in all. It can be found at the door in the lower left area of the Dungeon room. This area has some pretty tough stages. Namely the time traveling levels where you must dodge your clones. Backtrack your steps and avoid them at all costs as you hit switches.

Furnace Boss
After completing enough stages a door on the very left with a "B" on it called "The Furnace" will open. You must press on the green buttons to vent steam and drop the boiler's pressure. Watch out for the flames and flame phantom that spawns. Since this is a time travel stage you will have to watch out for your ghosts, so avoid them and keep hitting different switches until the green gems are dropped. Pick them up to clear the level.

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