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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
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Gallery Perfectionist 20
Completed all of the gallery levels.

The Gallery is the third place you will unlock as you collect keys from clearing levels. There are 24 levels here in all. Once it is open go there to complete its stages. This will unlock once you clear them all in the Gallery. The Gallery hosts some interesting levels that involve shrinking and super sizing Shuggy in order to collect green gems. Some notables:

One level called "The Rope Balance" you must grab the rope from the purple rope box with then wrap the rope around the small box in front of you counter clockwise. Get on top of the box then jump and press Down + . With balance, you'll avoid the spikes and get to the top.

Black Ghost Boss
The "Gallery Ghoul" stage opens once you obtain enough keys. It will be the door to the very right-middle area. There you must defeat a black ghost by hitting a combination of certain switches. Switch between Shuggies by pressing and avoid the portraits from hitting any of your Shuggy clones. Keep pressing and holding different buttons until you zap it with a laser. Continue until it drops green gems for you to collect and finish the stage. Below is a video run of the Gallery if you get stuck.

Graveyard Perfectionist 20
Completed all of the graveyard levels.

Once you complete enough levels and acquire enough keys the Graveyard will be available. There are 23 levels in all at the Graveyard. This area has some of the most fun and entertaining stages in the game where you can fly, float, and glide to pick up gems. It can be found in the upper-left door in the Dungeon Area. There are zombies in this area as well so beware.

Zombie Boss Fight
After a while you will unlock the "Scarezombie" level where you must defeat a hopping shovel zombie. This is a very easy boss. Just pick up the 3 green crosses scattered around with and place them so that he comes in contact with one of them. Once he does he will drop gems, collect them to clear the level.

Clock Tower Perfectionist 20
Completed all of the clocktower levels.

The Clocktower is one of the later areas you unlock after clearing enough levels and obtaining enough keys. It can be found at the upper right corner door inside the Dungeon Area. Once you complete all 24 Clocktower stages this achievement will unlock. The Clocktower has any stages where you must use a rope and wrap it around cogs in order to create pathways. Simply walk up to the purple boxes and hit to get the rope. There will be some cases will you must cut the rope by making the rope touch some spikes too just like some Co-Op stages.

There is a video guide below of each level if you get stuck.

Teamwork 40
Completed all the CoOp levels.

This is the only achievement that may prevent you from even starting this game but luckily, it's pretty easy so long as you have a buddy nearby.*This cannot be done in Online Multiplayer*. You MUST have a nearby personal friend or relative that can do this with you on a 2nd controller. To start go to Multiplayer then Local Game the select Co-Op. There are 36 stages altogether and there are a few stages you may need some notes on if you get stuck. The stage called "Swing Around" located in the Gallery area you must break your rope with the spikes in order to complete it.

You shouldn't need anybody skilled in video games to help you just good enough to take direction. Ask a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or relative if they can man the 2nd controller and give it a go with patience. You can try to do these by yourself with both controllers but several levels will require another physical partner. To ensure your 200 in this game, try to unlock this achievement first before attempting the Single player stuff. Below are some notable stages to look out for that may stump you:

Notable Stages
The "Swinging Around" stage at the Gallery. Requires you are your partner to both get ropes to open all pathways to collect gems. Watch out for the insects. One of you will have to cut your rope on the spikes in order to complete this to set the other partner up.

The "And then Back" stage at the Graveyard will require only one of the players to use their teleporter to get all the gems, with the other following behind. The other player must set up a teleport at the start of the stage and never use it again until the other player hits the switch at the top left area with the 3 pink spiked enemies. Hit the switch and open the door so that the player can teleport back and collect the 3 gems where they started.

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