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Your sentient levels are high enough you should be able to beat the phase, but your team may be not ideal for completing it. The problem with phase 3 missions is that you have to collect 2 artifacts and, with endless enemies, this can be nearly impossible. How quickly you get the artifacts is critical. If you take too long, all the sentients eventually converge on you and you die. Also, you usually have to split up and have some sentients protect your "heart". The green spinning thing means you have been stunned/slowed I think. To prevent this, you have to basically kill them before they get you. You need to target the Healers first since I think they do this to you and they heal enemy sentients making it harder to kill them. Any sentient you kill just gets respawned with endless enemies, so you have to move quickly before they come back. I used a Tank and Healer unit to protect the heart, with the Tank on the heart in Lockdown mode and the healer behind the Tank in Defensive mode. I then put two DPS units and a Healer in the bottom right quadrant at the entrance to the top right quadrant. For clarification, the bottom left quadrant is where phase 1 occurs, the bottom right quadrant is where you get the artifact in phase 2.
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