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Are You Trying to Make Me Hate You, R*?

Not that I expect anyone to care, but I've despised this 'game' for a long time. My review from when it originally released:

I agree with the person who said it was $60 misspent.

I turned this game in as soon as I knocked out the original 50 cheevos (including the ones from the first two DLC) and never looked back. But the achievement whore in me just won't leave it alone. I keep seeing that missing 200 G on my activity page and I know those cheevos have gotta be super easy, but I don't want to pay for the DLC.

So, yesterday I happened across a pre-owned copy of the Complete Edition and said to myself, "Hey, I could get those achievements for 'Nicholson Electroplating' and 'Reefer Madness' in a day or so and then turn this back in to GameStop and get all my money back... Free DLC! BWA-HA-HA!!

So I picked it up and took it home. Remembering that the first time around, the game ran better installed, I went ahead and did that. The 4 discs are almost 26 fucking gigs! Anyway, I then copied my old saves back into the game file and fired her up.

When the opening title menu comes up, all I can select is NEW and EXTRAS. WTF? I check the saves and they're still there and don't seem corrupt, but the game is ignoring them.

I couldn't understand because when I got the GOTY Edition of Red Dead Redemption, I didn't even have to re-install. I plugged the disc into the drive and headed over to the previously PS3-exclusive content and it fired right up.

So I head onto the Interwebs, and there I discover that R* was kind enough to change L.A. Noire for the Complete Edition. So, now, instead of the DLC cases being separate, like they were before, they are integrated into the various desks as part of the story.

The real kicker is that the Complete Edition does not recognize saves from the original edition. And apparently if you have a save from the original, it will prevent the Complete Edition from making a new save game.

Thanks a bunch for that, R*.

Essentially what this all boils down to is that in order to get the 10 cheevos I haven't acquired, I have to play the whole fucking game again. Okay, that's not entirely true, but considering "Nicholson's Electroplating" is the penultimate case I might as well be playing the whole fucking game again... Granted, I don't have to work to get the other cheevos, but still.

Good thing there are so many walkthroughs and that my partner can drive me everywhere. I knocked out the first 2 desks last night. But even then this game is still a trudge.

Depending on how long this takes me, I might re-examine my achievement whoring and make a new assessment on whether I should let this behaviour continue.
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