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Originally Posted by mugginyouoff View Post
I died a few times, retired everytime and did not get Max Anarchy at the end of the game. Can anyone confirm this method actually works? Thanks.
If you die and use up a try then retire i dont think that works. i think you gotta be fast on the retire button like just before you die. Either way you could speedrun this game on normal in about 3 hours like i did for it on normal (even easy) :3.

By the way great guide. only found one flaw. The achievement Guy Dead Missile Anarchy says do it on stage 1-1 but its stage 1-2. A very minor issue as anyone who's played the game knows the heli is on 1-2 but just thought i'd point it out.

Thanks for the great guide. Games pretty easy but burnt out anarchy didnt pop for me. i was stumped. Then i read this guide and that damn douglas fight at 4-2 was what held me back. So thanks

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