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TYGER7: These corrections have been completed. Thanks for submitting them. I noticed most of the change was because the character Angel must now be obtainable for everyone. You had a grammatical error in Super-Speed fists (both in original and in correction). You say "best best". I want to point out I have corrected this and you do not have to submit another instance for edit.

[1765] Tekken Tag Tournament 2

This first part is for the Roadmap for the game:

  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
  • Offline: 46 (940)
  • Online: 4 (60)
  • Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 through 40(Arcade Mode) 1(Fight Lab)
  • Number of missable achievements: None
  • Glitched/unobtainable achievements: None
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
  • Extra equipment needed: 800 Microsoft Points for Online Pass if bought used
In "Step 2: Offline Modes" the first paragraph needs to be updated.

Step 2: Offline Modes
There are several Offline Modes that have achievements tied to them such as Arcade Battle, Time Attack, Survival, Team Battle, and Ghost Battle in the "Offline Mode". Arcade Battle may be the place you spend quite a lot of time at. You are going to have to complete it with 40 different characters to unlock some of the Ending Movies unless you are doing Ghost Battle. Time Attack should be easy with the right team and Survival may be quite tough but if you use Angel it should be easier. Ghost Battle should also prove to be easy.

Super-Speed Fists
For this achievement you need to clear Time Attack in under 20 minutes. Angel is your best best because of her lazer. To perform it hold + and it will shoot out of the jewel on her forehead (Or you can just map LP+RP to your LT button for a one button lazer). I personally did it in under 10 minutes with the help of Angel.

My method with Angel: She's basically there to make space. With your other character do a small combo to knock the CPU back and then tag in Angel. Hit them with a lazer and back up. When they get back up off the ground they are likely to crouch for a second or two before getting back into standing position and trying to rush you again (only to get hit with a lazer again). If there is enough space you can shoot the lazer and they'll duck under to try to rush you but you'll have enough time to do a second one that will hit them.

Some characters such as Xiaoyu, Wang, and Ganryu crouch a little when they walk making Angel's lazer just barely miss them if they are a certain distance from you. Try comboing these characters with your other character to make them (hopefully) switch out with another character that doesn't do this so you can switch back to Angel.

Mei Ninja suggests using Jun and Asuka and using + ,,, to beat the CPU quickly if Angel doesn't work out for you.

Proof of Your Existence

For this achievement you must win 10 battles in a row in Survival Mode. Once again Angel is the way to go, but you can use Jun and Asuka instead. The achievement will not pop until you finally lose your streak in Survival Mode, so lose on your 11th match if you so wish.

Movie Buff

You have two options here. There are 59 characters in the game and 58 of them have movies (Why Tiger Jackson doesn't have a movie is a mystery). You can either play through Arcade Mode 40 times with different characters or you can do Ghost Battle which will also help you towards your Tekken Lord achievement.

While in Ghost Battle you will sometimes find the next opponents in a gold bar. A gold bar guarantees customization rewards should you beat these teams. The first time you beat whatever pair was in gold you will also get a random ending movie that you didn't have before. You can actually get this achievement while doing Ghost Battle mode while going for your Tekken Lord title.

GREAT Gladiator

To win a great battle you must have your health below 5% and still beat your opponent. You might get this out of sheer luck while against the CPU but a second controller or help online is a surefire way to get this achievement. In Versus use for this so you can get your health down to as low as possible without losing before beating your opponent.

The Best of Friends

For this achievement you need to do a character specific Tag Throw. For this I picked Devil Jin and Kazuya. Their special Tag Throw are the Mishima headbutts. You'll know you've did it right when after your first character headbutts the opponent your second will then grab the opponent and then headbutt them again.

The Tag Throw will go like this: , + + , (Or , + + , depending on what side you are on). If you were successful do it two more times.

Another Tag Throw is with Baek and Hwoarang. Press , + , and both of them will come on screen and do a flurry of kicks to their opponent (Thanks to demonocracy for the tip). NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

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