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Originally Posted by Opiate42 View Post
My thoughts exactly. Someone's ego needs constant polishing I bet.

Same, was wondering if it was any fun. I loved Dishonored but am not interested in "Trials" type of DLC for any game. Would love more story based missions instead.

Getting 1000 in this one was a blast. I'd like to not sully the fun.

With regards to DLC making a game "not compete", bah I say! I like the TA approach to that: DLC is optional. Because it is. The original/main 1000 in a game is what matters to me, DLC achievements are a nice bit of dressing but if I can nab 100% on the main then I'm okay considering it complete at that point.

Totally agree here. I mean there are many different ways to think about it. If you love whoring GS or what have you, this is a good value. To me, it was just not a FUN challenge, but just a FRUSTRATING one. Not that the games are comparable, but Dark Souls for instance is a very challenging & patience testing game but it's highly enjoyable.

Dishonored was fun, it's just not the game I want to spend doing trials on. It's not the most creative DLC by a longshot BUT it is very well priced for what it is.

I agree with the TA approach too. I love having most of the COD's completed but a lot of that DLC is just too overpriced and not worth it.
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