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Smile L4D2 Help offered

If anyone loves this game and truly wants all achievements for it, then I will help you out. I play this game a lot and I do not mind using my time to help people get their 1000 GS for it. But I ask 3 things before I help anyone. And these things that I ask are not hard.

1. Have a mic and use it. I have played with a lot of people who had them but never used them. And that bothers me to no end. After-all this is a team game that requires communication, Especially on Expert mode. If you do not have a mic and still want my help then I will help you.

2. Have at least an hour to spend before asking my help. I will not waste my time playing games with people who have less than that.

3. When asking for my help, then please send a message with the text L4D2 so that way I know that your not some random person sending me a friend request and have no games in common. I have had that happen to me at least 12 times in the last year. I decline all friend requests if they do not say or text me what game they need my help on.

My XBL GT Is: DarylDixon681

I am online a lot. So finding me will not be a problem.
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