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King of the Stump 5
Jump up on top of the tree stump in Mabel's backyard. C'mon, if Emile can do it...

This will be the first achievement you unlock. Follow the tutorial and you will get it after about 30 seconds

Rolling Hills 5
Collect the charm on the hill using the ball.

If you are getting all the charms you should get this naturally. If you just want the achievement, there is a ball on the hill to the left when you start. Get on the ball and roll it to the stump. Jump off when you get to it and onto the stump.

Pipe Cleaner5
Can you find the charm at the end of the tunnel? It's just past the waterfall.

After you have finished City Market when you get back to the sewers, go left across the stop sign. There is a ball there, jump on it and then jump into the large hole in the wall. Follow the path and at the end you will unlock this achievement.

Boingy Boingy 10
Find the room that's loaded with springboards in Home Stink Home.

After you have finished City Market and are back to the sewers, use the ball to knock over the cans of tomato soup. Go through the hole in the wall and jump on the springboard. You will spring into a room full of springboards and charms to unlock this one.

Past the Waterfall 10
The waterfall is hiding a secret in Home Stink Home.

After you have got the radio in, go to the sewers. You will see the radio near the entrance to the City Market. Cross the gap using the radio and follow the path to the waterfall.
Fly Remy Fly 5
Try to navigate down to the roof of the car in The City of Lights.

During the mission where you have to scare the dog, use the umbrella to float down to the car to the second car by the dog.

Timber! 10
Locate and knock over the pipe using the ball in The City of Lights.

In the courtyard after the dog is gone, traverse the two ropes up to the high area, then roll on the ball and knock down the tube outlined in blue.

Trojan Horseradish :10gsicon:
Trick the thief into taking the chili pepper in The City of Lights.

After you have cleared the courtyard and got rid of the dog, go to the Barrel Blow-Up mission. Run up and grab a chlili from the stack and approach one of the squirrels. When you get next to him he will take your chilli. Knock it away from him then activate the chilli by swiping it with your tail, the squirrel will pick it up and it will explode. Once you have finished this mission you won't have the chance to do it again.

Special Delivery 20
Use the chili pepper against the cat in The City of Lights.

This is actually gained on the Little Chef - Big Kitchen level, during the mission Magnet Muster. You will be going back to the City of Lights. You will pass a skylight with the two cats on the left and a third cat on an air duct. Collect the chili pepper from the air duct. You should see a place to put it (green circle wilt outline of pepper). Drop it, where you see the green circle with the pepper outline and it will pop up on the other side and blow up the cat. Once this mission is complete you won't be able to do it again.

Don't Look Down 20
Can you glide around the moths in The City of Lights?

During the minigame where you are collecting the light bulbs, you will have to pick up the highest one. You will unlock this achievement when you get this bulb.

The Exterminator 10
Squish the bugs in The City of Lights mini mission.

On completion of the mission Army Ants, where you have to run over ants with the ball. This will unlock when you complete the mission.

Trunk o'Plenty 20
Try opening the trunk of the car in The City of Lights.

Whilst exploring the level, jump on the hood ornament of the first car you come across (the one on the left) and the trunk will open.

Down In The Dumpster 10
Try opening the dumpster in The City of Lights.

After you have cleared the courtyard by getting rid of the dog, find the dumpster at the back of the restaurant and hit the latch to unlock the dumpster and the achievement.

Third Time is the Charm Part 30
Complete all three mini missions in The City of Lights.

Unlocks when you have completed the all three mini missions in the level. If you miss any you can go back and do them from the sewer hub.

The City of Lights: Big Bounce 10Complete the springboard mini mission in The City of Lights.

Just complete the Springboard Race mini mission. There are 10 springboards and the time limit is pretty forgiving.

Complete Latchkey Distraction 20
Complete the Latchkey Distraction.

Complete the Latchkey Distraction mission.

Finish Elevation Extermination 20
Finish Elevation Extermination.

Complete the Evaluation Extermination mission.

Complete Rolling Pin Rescue 20
Complete Rolling Pin Rescue.

Complete the Rolling Pin Rescue mission.

Beat Chili Pepper Valve Volley
20 Complete Chili Pepper Valve Volley.

Complete the Chili Pepper Valve Volley mission.

Gusteau Kitchen Getaway 20
Complete the Gusteau chase mini mission in Little Chef - Big Kitchen.

Complete the mini-mission Gusteau Chase". This will be straight in front of you when you start the level and is pretty straightforward.

Go for the Gust-o 10Locate the air vents in Little Chef - Big Kitchen.

You will probably get this while if you are following the charm guide. If you turn around after the finishing mission Gusteau Kitchen Getaway the vent will be in front of you.

Remy the Ace 20
Locate and use the umbrella in Little Chef - Big Kitchen.
The umbrella you need for this is on top of some metal shelves. There is another one of top of the stoves from where you can see the metal shelves you need to get to. After the first time trial race, jump on the tuna can and follow the path to the springboard, and follow the path up to the metal shelves. Ride the umbrella to unlock this.

Little Chef Big Kitchen: Bounce 10
Complete the springboard mini mission in Little Chef Big Kitchen.

Simply complete the springboard mission. It doesn't matter if you hit the floor, just make sure you finish within the time limit.

Third Time is the Charm Part 2 30
Complete all three mini missions in Little Chef - Big Kitchen.

Unlocks when you have completed all three mini missions in the level. If you miss any you can go back and do them from the sewer hub.

Remy the Cowboy 10
Wrangle the bugs in Little Chef - Big Kitchen.

Simply finish the ants mini-game to unlock this one. It is the last time trial in this level.

Switch Hunter 10
Find and activate the three switches in The City Market.

During the mission Control Switch Conundrum, you will activate all these switches by following the checkpoints. You will get to a seemingly impossible jump. You will need to make sure you time this jump perfectly to make it, may take a few attempts..

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