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Heavy Hitter! - 10
Kill 20 or more zombies with one shot while driving the tank

Missions: 11 - Steel Will, 17 -Operation Thunderhorse

You can get this achievement pretty much right off the bat as you start mission 11, simply get a large group of zombies to be around the front of your tank and then blast them with a tank shell (). You shouldn't have to try and grind for this as you will most likely get this during the mission anyway, thanks to the large groups you will come across, and the fact that you have infinite, high explosive, shells.

Bob the destroyer - 15
Kill at least 150 zombies in one combo while driving a bulldozer

Mission: 15 - Operation Bulldozer

Another easy achievement. Starting from the very first zombie you see after leaving the base, maneuver your tank through the streets so you are constantly moving from zombie to zombie. The bulldozer is wide and does maximum damage so you will one shot numerous enemies at a time. Once the counter in the bottom left hand side of your screen reaches 150 kills you can stop. Be aware that the fat zombies still do a lot of damage to your vehicle, however they will help you also get the "Combo Master" achievement, which will most likely pop with this achievement.

Pimp Car -15
Fully upgrade one car in Story mode

In order to full upgrade a car, you must purchase all three Ramming, Armor, and Speed upgrades (left side of the upgrade screen) for a single car. This may seem pricey at first, but continue to do secondary objectives, big combos, and gather the piles of money to get a good amount of cash. I wouldn't recommend buying any car-specific upgrades until at least the Police Squad Car, as that is when I felt the game getting a bit tougher. The final upgrade will become available after killing the plant boss in mission 20, making mission 21 the earliest to get this achievement, and note that you can unlock a 20% reduction in upgrade costs by doing the secondary objective in mission 23.

Sunken Hope - 10
Move to the harbor base in Story mode.

Mission: 7 - Operation Harbour Stench

Story related and unmissable. The associated mission requires you to do some dirty work in the docks in the bottom right of the map in order to clear out an area for a new base of operations. The achievement will pop at the end of the mission.

The Last Express - 10
Progress to the train station base in Story mode

Mission: 15 - Operation Bulldozer

Story related and unmissable. This mission tasks you with taking your bulldozer and clearing the rubble out of the area surrounding the train station. The achievement will pop once you complete the mission.

Hot Deal - 5
Put out the fires in the shopping mall.

Mission: 22 - Operation Water Warfare

Missable (secondary objective). Once the mission starts, make your way toward the secondary objective. Once you're there you will see a large building with fire coming out of a number of windows and doors. For this mission you will only have the fire hose on the fire truck as a weapon, so simply shoot the hose at each one of the fires until they go out (will only take a couple of seconds). The achievement will pop once every single fire has been extinguished.

Missed Flight - 10
Progress to the airport base in Story Mode

Mission: 22 - Operation Water Warfare

Story related and unmissable. Play through the game until just after you use the fire truck to put out some fires around the airport so you can take over the base.

Zombie Driver - 30
Complete the Story mode

Mission: 31 - Only way out

Get in your car and drive to the marker on the map..FAST!

I recommend grabbing the rail gun at the beginning of the map and saving it for the end, because overall there are a LOT of fat zombies in this map, and the last area along the railroad tracks is basically wall to wall zombies and should be a good spot for "Out of my way" if you don't have it yet.

Look! I know how to drive! - 5
Earn your first Blood Race mode medal

You can unlock this by either doing single race, or starting up the first tournament in Blood Race mode, which is accessed from the main menu. The first race in the Beginners' Tournament is just that, a basic beginner's race, and should be a simple unlock for easy points.

I don't want it to end yet! - 5
Survive for more than 2:30 in an Endurance event in the Blood Race mode

For this one you will need a fast car first and foremost, which can include the hotrod that is unlocked via the story mode (only useable in Blood Race and Slaughter mode), which is the fastest car in the game. Once you spent the $100,000 to put that in your garage, you may need to also upgrade its speed to help you out a bit, and then pick an endurance map that you know best. I would recommend going with one of the day time endurance races just to give yourself less of a handicap.

You can wait until the last few Endurance events before trying for this if you want, as you will need to get around 2:30 to gold medal those.

Maybe it is too much to handle.. - 10
Unlock the Muscle Car in the Blood Race mode

In order to unlock the muscle car, you must get a silver overall medal in the Beginners' Tournament in Blood Race mode. This requires you to get at least 30 out of 40 overall points between the 4 events. The races should be an easy gold, the second event is an Eliminator match which requires you to kill as many of your opponents as you can in a set time limit, which may be difficult for new players to get beyond a Silver in, and the third event is an endurance race which requires you to speed through checkpoints without blowing up and can also be difficult in a starter car.

Fair Play - 10
Kill 100 enemies in the Blood Race mode

While you can get this in any event, it is easier to keep count by repeating any of the Eliminator events so you can keep track of your kills. Simply pick up any of the weapon powerups while in the game, get up behind an enemy and fire away. Enemies will constantly spawn around you, but be sure to not get too shot up yourself as it will take time away from killing because you will need to stop and respawn. This should only take a 5-10 replays of the event to attain, if you just want to grind it out. Otherwise this will come naturally as you get the "I just can't get enough!" achievement.

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