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Father of all zombies - 15
Defeat the last boss in Story mode

Mission : 30 - Operation Manhattan

This dude is basically a buffed up version of the tree boss you fought a few levels back. He shoots out blood which is a short range attack, he has a melee attack, and a long range underground vine attack. I found him a bit hard to dodge than the tree, and he hits harder, and the flamethrower seemed completely useless against him. However, rockets worked very well. Once again, be sure to clear out all of the spawners prior to focusing your attacks on the boss as well. Other than that, the fight should be over in a couple of minutes and you won't need to plant on bomb on this guy.

Find your own race track! - 15
Kill 30 enemies during an Eliminator event in the Blood Race mode

To get this easier, you will probably want to upgrade some of your weapons in Blood Race mode (which use money you get from Blood Race and Slaughter modes). You may also want to invest in some armor to keep yourself alive while you're trying to kill your opponents. Also focus on picking up the machine gun and flamethrower, which I find the easiest to get a kill with (until rockets and rail gun are fully upgraded) as they are easy to aim and do reasonable damage. An easy way to get kills is to brake () when you see someone coming up behind you and then slam the gas as they pass you so you start to follow them, allowing for some free shots at point blank.

You can wait to do this in the later tournaments as you will need about 30 kills to get a gold in some of them.

I just can't get enough! - 25
Win all tournaments in the Blood Race mode

Simply play through each of the tournaments by getting at least an bronze medal average in each of their events. Getting a bronze in the tournament is required to unlock the next tournament.

I'm just warming up - 5
Kill 100 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode

See "Can't Hide from me".

Can't Hide from me - 10
Kill 500 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode

Slaughter mode pits you and your car against wave after wave of increasingly difficult zombies. After each wave a special item will spawn on the map with a marker to it, and it can be anything from weapon ammo (of any weapon rank), or vehicle upgrades. Continue to run and shoot your wave until about wave 8 or 9 where this achievement should be a sure-bet and you can either continue onward, or just fail. Obviously continuing through the waves is recommended.

Naughty, naughty - 20
Destroy 1500 destructibles in Slaughter mode

The destructibles are all the boxes, barrels, fences, etc. that you can drive through and destroy. This will just require you to repeat your favorite level until the achievement pops, after you get a gold in each level first for "My favourite color".

The best car ever! - 20
Get all car upgrades in a single game in Slaughter mode

This achievement can be pretty tricky, because as you go through the waves of enemies in Slaughter mode you have the chance of getting 1-2 upgrades for every part of your vehicle, meaning speed, all of the weapons, armor, and ramming. The number of items, and what items spawn, are random, but they are marked on the map with a gold star and ALWAYS make sure you pick them up each round or otherwise you will miss out and have to wait for them to reappear. While trying for this achievement I got to around wave 25 without getting this achievement, however when it actually did pop for me I got my last upgrade on wave 19. Overall, hope you get armor and rail gun upgrades early because those are the best bet for keeping you alive, and always make sure you pick up every item you come across so the upgrades are able to spawn there, as well as ammo for better weapons and repairs to help keep you alive. I ended up doing this on Suburbs, which is a nice map to circle the perimeter of and get a large number of the spawn points in one loop, while also keep a lot of zombies off your tail as they have to maneuver around the houses.

My favourite color - 25
Earn a gold medal on all original arenas in Slaughter mode

The original Slaughter mode maps are:
City Center
Paradise Island

Achieve the proper score to get a gold medal on each map for the achievement to pop.

Slaughtermaster - 25
Earn 150,000 points on any arena in Slaughter mode

You may find for some of the maps that you are on a roll as far as balancing kills with not taking damage - which becomes very important as the slaughter progresses. For obvious reasons, I would recommend using the Super Car, to balance mobility with armor, and pick whichever map you prefer. Be sure to keep moving as much as possibly to avoid taking damage from zombies, especially once they start to increase in numbers, and as the frequency of fat zombies increases you will want to make sure you always have at least a bit of ammo to clear out any fat zombies that are in front of you as they will do a lot of damage if they blow up near you. In general, those fat zombies are the hardest thing to deal with, so just make sure you keep an eye on what zombies are around you at all times and you should have this after a bit of practice.

Combo Master - 15
Make a 10,000 points combo

Chances are you will get this alongside "Bob the destroyer", as this achievement requires you to maintain a combo by running over and killing zombies until you have a combo bonus score of at least 10,000. Obviously, having a bulldozer (mission 15) to run zombies over with makes this much easier, and more fun.

Out of my way! - 20
Kill 30 zombies with a single railgun shot

Missions: 24 - Pigeon Hunt, or 31 - Only way out

A couple things to note first off are that I recommend always starting missions off by picking up the rail gun because it is great at clearing a path for your, and very powerful against everything short of the bosses in the game. The laser from the rail gun is capable of shooting through walls, an infinite number of enemies, spawners and really anything else over a set range, that is pretty huge. As you upgrade the gun, the second tier will roughly double the width of the beam, while the third tier will give you a second beam for double the fun.

In order to get this, you will want to upgrade your rail gun to at least level 2 so the width of the beam is doubled. That upgrade can be purchased after mission 23, and the number of zombies in mission 24 makes that a good spot to try and get the kills, particularly where the super car garage is. Just head into the area where the spawner is at the entrance, and back out so the enemies are funneled between the two buildings next to the spawner and fire away when you feel like you have a good amount of enemies to hit.

Alternatively, the very last stretch of road (railroad track) as you flee the map in the last mission is absolutely covered in zombies, and fat zombies making the rail gun even more useful here. Also, by now you should have rail gun tier 3 so this should be the spot you get the achievement if you somehow don't have it yet.

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