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Originally Posted by wo ai ni xx View Post
I could never stand legolas, his ultimate being a knockback really annoys me, its just not strong enough - fair enough he's top on basic damage, but his abilities just aren't worth it

I keep meaning to try thrain, though never thought he'd benefit from basic attack damage :S
Using Legolas' teleport to cut people off and then hitting them backward with your ultimate attack can be useful, however I constantly find myself using his ultimate immediately followed by his attack (I use him all the time, you think I'd remember the name -.-). That will give you +damage on the target since the ultimate decreases their damage resistance, while slowing the target so you can catch up with them if you need to.

For Thrain, ya I would say focusing on a basic attack setup isn't ideal, but the critical damage I have in my second relic can be very helpful with his hammer throw attack since it will usually hit a target twice. You could replace the attack speed relic with, say an ability power relic and yield some good results since his abilities are quite powerful. Overall I think he is a very well balanced character, with strong (ranged!) abilities, pretty good basic damage, and of course the ability to greatly reduce all incoming damage which is huge. Plus he has a really big hammer.

As a side note, I did forget to mention in my previous post that I adapted my Thrain build to work more with Legolas and Haldir by focusing on basic attack % instead of crit or crit % like I had with thrain. I guess I'll also add that Legolas' +attack speed after killing a guardian can be HUGE in getting multi-kills.

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