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Originally Posted by Tai_MT View Post
Really? Odd. I mean, I kind of see where you're coming from with the lack of spawn protection, lack of bases, lack of classes to choose from and level up, the inclusion of killstreaks, the inclusion of perks, the lack of vehicles, lack of meaningful spawn points, lack of team based play, and and lack of large maps.

Yep, that totally screams "Battlefield" to me.

Yeah, I'm done being sarcastic. I've played something like four or five games... The whole thing screams "Call of Duty Multiplayer" to me a lot more than Battlefield. I mean, the only Battlefield I've owned or played is BF3... Which, I honestly find quite amazing and a far more balanced multiplayer than most games I've played in recent years...

Slayer is slayer regardless of game played. Or "Deathmatch" if you prefer. I find that when you try to play an Objective gametype in Farcry 3... Well, it's pretty much Call of Duty all the way. It's basically "Slayer", with an objective to accomplish, which you can do by yourself if you've equipped yourself well (good perks and good gun). In Battlefield, when playing an objective gametype, I've rarely ever been able to win the whole thing by myself. Sure, it'll be an 8 on 8 or whatever it is... But it's difficult to take/hold an objective BY YOURSELF. You have Squads so you can coordinate efforts a bit so that you can manage your objectives better. If you have a team that doesn't work well together or at all... Well, you're going to get stomped, no matter HOW GOOD you are at the game, against a team who does work together. Trust me, I've seen it lots of times. Some guy cruising in a Jet with over 100 kills for the match, and his team lost because he just wasn't "good" where it counted.

Farcry 3 strikes me as more the "lone wolf" type play. A really good player can take and hold all the objectives himself, especially if he's killing in two or three shots. In fact, I played on a team where a guy did just that. It was some kind of "hold the territories" gametype and he just kept running from objective to objective, killing everyone there, capping it, defending it for a bit, then moving to the next to repeat. If he started losing an objective and he was nearby, he'd drop in and kill everyone, then go on his way. He had some kind of SMG that just murdered you in 3 hits and it took the better part of a quarter to half of a clip of AK47 to even kill him.

Farcry 3 reminds me WAY MORE of Call of Duty than Battlefield.
In fairness, I only played one match so I'm hardly experienced enough to say either way. What I meant about the Battlefield reference was more to do with whatever objective-based gamemode I ended up in (something about burning two bases) and how the gameplay and gunplay feels to me overall, which feels more Battlefield-esque to me than Call of Duty. I don't doubt the game gets played like Call of Duty though, lone wolf style as you mentioned, it's usually what happens in any shooter now.
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