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Originally Posted by WalterWhite View Post
They really went easy on us with the achievements for Far Cry 3. So for fun I'm throwing together a nightmare achievement list that could have been. Feel free to add your own versions of torture.

My Father's Black Card
Buy all attachments and paint jobs for every weapon and spend $100,000 at the shop.

Aftermarket Rehab
Complete the game without spending any money in the shop (Excludes quest objectives).

Silent And Deadly
Liberate all outposts without being detected on Insanity.

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Lethal
Liberate all outposts after an alarm has been triggered on Insanity.

Indiana Would Be Jealous or The Smithsonian Called Today...
Collect all Letters of the Lost, Memory Cards and Relics.

I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Unlock all entries in the Survival Guide and hunt and skin one of each animal in the game.

The Most Dangerous Game or Quint Would Be Proud
Complete all Path of the Hunter quests on Insanity and craft all upgrades for your equipment.

No Animals Harmed In The Taking Of This Island
Complete the game on Insanity without any equipment upgrades (Excludes quest objectives).

It's Uphill Both Ways
Complete the game without setting foot in a vehicle (Excludes Supply Drop and vehicle-based quests).
Done if we're not counting hang gliders that are NECESSARY for relic collection to be flown.

We're Never Going Home or He Who Paints The Roses Red
Complete all Supply Drop quests.

I Will Find You, And I Will Kill You or Boba? I Hardly Know Her
Complete all Wanted Dead quests.

You're One Of Us Now or Take Me To Your Leader
Beat all Trial of the Rakyat scores.
I could probably finish this one. I haven't done 3 of the Trials.

Guns Don't Kill People, You Do or UMAD BROdy?
Get 100 kills with each weapon in the shop.

No Dwarfs, Just Snow White
Perform seven Death From Above and seven Death From Below takedowns.

Cupid's Wrath or He'll Shoot Your Eye Out
Kill a target with a headshot from the bow from 100m or more.

All The Way Down The Rabbit Hole
Complete the game on Insanity.

A Sacrifice That The Island Demands
Complete all Co-Op missions on Insanity.

Might I add a couple?

You Call That A Knife?
Complete the entire game without firing a single weapon. Thrown objects do not count against you (molotovs, grenades, C4, Mines, rocks).

Drugs Are Bad, Mmkay?
Complete the game without crafting or using a single syringe.

I Feel The Need For Speed
Get 1st Place on every racing Mission on Insanity.

I Haven't Changed, But I'm Not The Same
Complete the game on any difficulty without purchasing a single skill.

Michael Bay Was Busy
Complete the entire game on any difficulty without causing an explosion or using explosives (do not explode cars either, though enemies can blow them up). Any mission where it is mandatory to use an explosive weapon or to blow up cars does not count against this achievement.

Well, those are my two cents ^_^

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