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Backed myself in a corner?

So, it's been my first runthrough on Code Veronica and my boyfriend's been helping me with most of it, as he's a seasoned player of the RE classics. Unfortunately I think I've essentially effed myself up the point I'm at now, as I'm stuck at...


The fight with the Tyrant on the airplane, and because this game gives next to no health, I'm stuck with literally a shred of life left ("Danger"). Considering the fighting area is so restricted, it's next to impossible to get around him without getting hit. I have all the grenade launcher ammo I need, but no second chance if he swipes me. I've tried just about every which way, as my boyfriend says to "shoot and run", but it just won't work. He says I basically have to "pull a rabbit out of my ***" to pull it off lol.

I'm normally not one to give up, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to start the game all over at this point, unless someone has a suggestion. :\
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