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I have a more generic I am currently on Not Alone Anymore...well the thing is when I reached the part with the goo (Museum's Visitors) I had literally no charge in my flashlight >_> and I tried to run around to see if I could find batteries or glow sticks...even tried using chair on fire and stuff but to no good. So eventually I decided to rewind and see if I could run back to where I um dropped my battery pack...well apparently if you rewind you lose your items but get gun and full battery on flashlight. Now I was wondering...if I rewind to a checkpoint I got to...and continue from there; everything is orange in the start menu till this point...will it still give me the achievement for completing without skipping or since I rewinded to the checkpoint will it not do so even if I complete all the segments? I stopped at the boss fight...if I have to redo might as well redo now so I won't have to fight him twice...any suggestions would be helpful if anyone still checks this place lol. Thanks!

You can get the achievement as long as the whole episode has the orange bar

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