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Originally Posted by Dark Anaconda View Post
I also have a question about Max Anarchy: I am confused a little bit about that...there is a difference between loosing one round (let`s say you have 3/3 ,if you loose one round you would have 2/3) and loosing the whole match (going Game Over).

I need clarification on this achievement, i`ve read the description but i am still not sure.

Can anybody confirm if you can loose one round (but not the whole match) to get this achievement? How does it work exactly?
Losing 1 of the 3 lives is dying. Health bar is 0. That means no max anarchy 4 u. The game forces you to play it twice anyway and if you fail twice playing a third time on easy you literally cant lose. (don't try this on hard it's a bitch.)

Also if you die dashboard it out. Better safe than sorry. I learned that the hard way with jet set radio.

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